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    Lightbulb Opinion of a new player

    Some rules have no sense to me, map is overexplored and need an update.
    Your wont find more than 5 players online, cause u have to walk 40 min to start on a decent place where you can find some resources to progress.
    I think you should advertise it more, change it for survival to semi-rp or something with events where u could get items that u cant actually get cause the map hasnt been updated is months/year so veterans have abandoned amazing towns and noobies can just get into copper.
    Or update the map and find a decent way to create a regular player base.
    Thank you.
    Sorry i forgot to say that ur a bunch of n******, and there is nothing wrong with saying that (i mean if ur not a racist)
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    I think you need to look for another server. You are asking for things that won't happen. Also, have you taken a look at the dynmap? Some zones are completely void of player structures, hardly overexplored. There is still tons of resources and with Towny you can port to a far away town, walk 5 mins in either cardinal direction and start a new home.

    From what I can tell, TFC is in a stage where it's very hard to create an active playerbase. Just taking a look at the official TFC forum shows the decline in community activity. I see this server as a stable platform where you can build to your heart's desires on a huge map without having to worry about griefing. If you want special events and such, I think you could organize them yourself.

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    For others reading this, I will also repeat what I said in game earlier:

    You started a town ~5k blocks far away from the spawn, still in reach of the federal roads, and expect to find untouched place full of materials, ideally in one place. Not very likely with traffic of people over the time.

    The map is 100.000 blocks wide and the north-south size is about 30.000 blocks, with the latest expansion about a year ago. Some part may be explored already but still majority is uninhabited. Not enough?

    You don't have to walk the distance, look at dynmap, just tp to a town far away and then walk. You never asked though, just went to say that there are no resources because you haven't found any...

    The map is still pretty rich with resources, just the "wasteland" around spawn will gradually expand over time, that is normal. So you expect to reset the world each time the ~5k area around spawn is missing nuggets and stones on the ground? Remove others' builds from the whole map just for this? That's not how the server works. Told you to try the Vanilla Snapshot server, which gets wiped with each snapshot release...

    I think that the staff members responsible for setting up the server know how to set things up. Monthly wipes won't attract many long-term players.

    What is more, you just decided that our simple rules are dumb and irrational, so you can ignore the rules and TFC server limitations. Your group goes on planting tens of fruit trees and locking up lots of cows in tiny pen. You got warned and reminded to check /rules. (Note that I fixed the trees and animal pen for you which I didn't have to. Could've just jailed you right away with that tree count...). The next day you were jailed one hour for having one tree over limit again, in addition to using foul language. Your chat was logged for inproper language at least three times also.


    Then comes the confrontation when you end up in jail and start complaining about rules and server management. You find the rules stupid. The owner is bad for not letting you swear in global chat. After some time of rather contraproductive debate in which you only address "bad management", "low player count", "censorship", and many other things, you get sent to forum to express yourself, we also hint to you that this server might not suit your expactations. We won't change the whole policy from scratch according to your "advice" anyway. On top of all that, you end your debate with N-word, for which you were banned.


    And here I am done with you. You proved to me that not only you are incapable of following our rules, you show disrespect to the community and are unwilling to change your behaviour.
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    It seems he came back to edit his initial post.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mogamboso View Post
    Sorry i forgot to say that ur a bunch of n******, and there is nothing wrong with saying that (i mean if ur not a racist)
    (after my edit)

    Added a forum ban.

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