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    Wildlife Reserve and Animal Despawns

    Hi Everyone,

    Recently I have established the Serenity Nature Reserve, home to deer, pheasants, and soon, bear(s). The park, while not complete, is open to visitors.

    The only problem is I want it to stay their home and not have them despawn per Elborax's warnings. As advised, I tied them each to posts, but the ropes have since disappeared and the animals are again free to wander. I can't name them because their familiarization can only reach 30%.

    So, will they despawn if left unattended and untied in a pen and if so, how do I prevent that from happening?


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    From the wiki:

    Sneaking and looking directly at an animal will display a familiarity indicator. The indicator will fill with red as familiarity increases, turning gold when it has reached either the cap for the adult animal, or 100%. A white border around the indicator means that the animal has reached at least 30%, and that the familiarity will no longer decrease if the animal is not periodically familiarized.

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    _DT, you misunderstood me. I told you to tie them just ONCE to prevent despawning. That's how I remember it was done with wild animals.

    Other note is that I told you to keep the animals tied to the posts in designated chunks until you make proper pens for them.
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    Oh, just once? Great!

    The pens are under construction as we speak

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