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Thread: Unban request

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    Unban request

    Good evening.

    It was year 2014 when I played in HappyDiggers TFC server. I remember I found some unclaimed town/base in some mountain. I was greedy and I decided to steal everything that the base had in its storages and hid the stolen stuff underneath my own base. Got banned probably two days after this incident. I don't exactly remember whose base it was, but im sorry for him/her and the server about my actions. So here I am asking for an unban to your TFC server and for another chance.


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    Relevant post from Warned players and banlist thread:

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    Typically I'd say no to this sort of request. Your deviance was severe in that items were deliberately stolen and hidden. It also directly affected other active players.

    Seeing as I didn't find your name pop up anywhere else in the warning/ban thread and you owned up to what you did, I'm willing to give you a second chance. Your ban will be downgraded to a warning. This means that if you slip up and break a rule, no matter how minor, you will be permanently banned and you won't be able to appeal a 2nd time.

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