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    Just asking if we will have ab., extiction and island later on for the ARK story & dinos.

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    We already have. There is not enough people playing to run 5-6 servers all the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anonxmoud View Post
    Just asking if we will have ab., extiction and island later on for the ARK story & dinos.
    I'm planning on adding the new DLC coming this fall, but aside from that it's a matter of resources being utilized appropriately. As Dourne mentioned, a lot of resources went into a bunch of servers but there was hardly any interest or players utilizing them. I'm not going to push 55 out of the 64 Gigs of Ram available for players to play a total of 5 hours (cumulative) over the course of a month.

    Thus far the PvE servers have had much more usage than the PvP servers did after the transition period to the USA, so that seems to be a good route. PvE are also less of a hassle for me because I don't need to micro manage them as much. I'm still not opposed to re-adding PvP, but I need Ark specific dedicated staff to make that happen.

    Personally, I'd like to add 1 or 2 more maps beyond the proposed new DLC map as well. It comes down to balance though and finding the appropriate map that hits all the checks and taking my time choosing is more important than grabbing one quickly and being stuck with it for possibly years, unless people want some sort of map rotation and are okay with that.

    Crystal Isles and Valguero were chosen due to the spread of dinos available and the 'freshness' factor. Ab, Ext, and Island all have very specific end game advantages with ascensions and unique features though. I have my eye on a few modded maps that plan on incorporating some of those unique features, but we may end up just getting some of the old stuff instead. Time will tell.

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