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    TNFC - Are Passive Anchors allowed ?

    Edit : The answer is NO.

    The Passive Anchor is a machine from the Railcraft mod. This machine acts as a chunk loader, and will load a 3x3 of chunks around. The Passive Anchor runs on a fuel source of Ender Pearls. By default, one pearl will allow the Passive Anchor to keep chunks loaded for 12 real-time hours. The Passive Anchor will remember how many hours it has left to load chunks, even if it is broken and replaced. This chunk loader can be turned off at any time via redstone signal.
    Unlike the World Anchor, this machine will only begin loading chunks once a player has initially loaded them. Chunks will not begin loading on game or server load, unless a player is in those chunk boundaries.
    Quote from :

    Reason why it could be allowed :
    • The chunk loading does not persist when the player logs off
    • For the chunk to be kept loaded by the passive anchor, the player must have physically been in those chunks during that gaming session.
    • The recipe is currently in the pack and the item is craftable.
    • It would allow for Core Samples to do their thing while the player do something else (IE excavators).
    • It gives a reason to breed bees (enderpearls).

    If necessary, the rules could specify how many passive anchors a player is allowed to have.
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