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    TNFC - Are Forestry Farms allowed ?

    I wanted to get started with Forestry farms and I was unable to craft any variant of the farm blocks.

    NEI does not show any recipe for the blocks, yet they are shown in NEI.

    I tried the recipes recommended by the wiki :

    I made sure to make Vanilla minecraft oak slabs and also crafted vanilla nether bricks from petrified wood. However I was unable to convert TFC copper ingot to forestry ingot.

    In the end, no combination of recipes worked for me.

    Is there a reason for those to be disabled ?

    If not, it would be sweet to have those recipes added in. I remember during the beta phase of this server, there was a similar issue with storage drawers and they got added back then.

    Thanks for reading this.

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    Check the in game wiki, its gives a run down on how to do it in the pack.

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    Apparently multi-farm was never implemented in tnfc. Thanks for pointing me to the answer.

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    Inadvertently pointed you in the right direction, i was thinking trees lol, and they are doable just looks like there is allot to it =P

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