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    TNFC [Bug] - Skeleton arrows planted in blocks never despawn server-side

    I made a simple mob grinder to see if I could get one working. It does work, however when skeletons start shooting each other, they dont stop until they die and it makes it so 1000s of arrow entities get stuck in blocks.

    What I have noticed is that, on the client-side they visually dissapear after about a minute.

    However if we leave the area and come back, the arrow entities are still present.

    Right now I'm in a situation where I have about 6000 entities loading and my fps drops a lot.

    Is there a config setting that can be tweaked so that arrows dont stay in blocks at all, or a set amount of time ?

    If you want to see it happening with your own eyes, teleport to the town of Prosperity and head west in the ocean. You will see the grinder in the sky.

    Edit: Alternatively, it may be possible to have a command block with a kill command targeted at only arrows. This command block could be triggered by a clock every X minutes.
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