Hey, I was thinking of a way to make the terrafirmacraft server more engaging to play on, so there would be something to do after you reach red and blue steel.

I was thinking it would help to have some sort of roleplay server where you have 2 large factions whom are in war, and then you might have a king and so on. I was inspired by another server I play on where a plugin called DramaCraft is used. What it does is that it makes 2 factions, Imperials vs Rebels! The Imperials are lead by the King and Queen, whom are voted in from, and by the Imperial nobles who again are voted in by the normal imperials -> until there are 3 nobles, then it's purely the nobles who vote for it. Also, they can have 1 knight.
The rebels have their Rebel Leaders and the rebel inner circle, which I think work more or less the same. The difference between the 2 however, is that rebels can make transmitters, which send propaganda which says what the rebel wants. The Imperials can then track them, and destroy them to get money. The Imperials can put bounties on the rebels :P

However, it doesn't really have to be exactly this plugin, however I'm still fund of having 2 sides in battle :P especially since theres red and blue steel which are equivalent ;)
And it could also embrace the roleplaying aspect in other ways, this is just the initial idea ^^