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    Please help out, I did a quick travel for one minute, the game then crashed me out and would not let me log in for a bit and when I came back my bag with all my main stuff is just gone!

    Is there a way to get this back?


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    If by quick travel you mean going from one bed to another...

    There is no way to retrieve items from a situation you've described. Once they de-spawn, they're gone.

    If you die, base ark game identifies bodies and bags with a green beacon indicator. It takes 21 hours and 36 minutes for a player body or bag to de-spawn.

    If you fast travel, you drop all of your items and the bag that is created de-spawns in several minutes. That is base ark game quick travel mechanics. If you fast traveled with items, your character dropped the items and they de-spawned (this is why you shouldn't fast travel with items).

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