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    Mod Suggestion:ARK ADDITIONS

    I did browse a bit the workshop and found there creatures ARK ADDITIONS.

    This mods are not to much op it just gives more stuff for us to do and its nice to have new creatures.
    The mods have like no bugs or exploits and very stable.

    I would suggest this creatures.

    It adds a domination rex it can be crafted with artifacts of each map + 50 element, it's stronger than a rex but less stronger than a giga.

    This one is bigger than a bronto that can harvest stone metal etc, has the ability to scare creatures like the yuty does & it's very tanky.

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    Eh.. That dominator rex is riddled with bugs. The bug report thread has them listed, but even reading the comments you can see what people are complaining about.

    - Camouflage doesn't work
    - Upload/Downloads don't work between servers (it gets stuck and you lose the dino)
    - Some reports of doms getting stuck in cryopods permanently
    - There's a guaranteed server crash if you attempt to pick up the dom dino with other mods (this has not been addressed by the mod author despite being a problem for at least 13+ months that I can find records for it) <- This point is the biggest deal breaker

    Problems with the mod itself:
    This dino is WAY better than a giga could ever be. It gets an instant 15% buff on attack when near bosses. Couple that with imprinting using a mutator and you've got a super dino. Make a fleet of them for a boss and now the bosses are trivial.

    Brachio mod

    - Multiple reports of brachios getting stuck in cryopods permanently

    Problems with the mod:
    - The dino can damage metal, and according to comments it can do that in 1-2 hits.
    - Killing a single brachio nets 56 levels worth of xp. That's extreme. (reports of this even after the Aug 12th update)
    - It's basically a much better Titan without all of the trouble of getting a Titan
    - They can be bred further making them crazy powerful

    Apparently ARK devs may be considering adding this mod/dino to the game at some point with more balance. Since the mod offers no configuration options to deal with some of the extremes the dino provides in functionality, strength, and stats, it may be best to wait and see what WildCard does.

    Thank you for your ideas though! As you know by now, I'm very picky on which mods make it onto the Ark servers because they're typically permanent after they get added. The most important part of choosing mods is if they're going to cause server downtime and/or crash the server (possibly corrupting it as well). The next important point is the actual server game play and how it will affect everyone (such as making the bosses much easier, being a negative).

    Good things to look for:
    1. An active mod author that responds to the user base and updates problems regularly or at least communicates what is happening with issues they encounter.
    2. How old the mod is. Something that was released a week ago by an author that has little to no other content could end up dead in a month or less.
    3. The mod should have minimal overall impact on the gameplay. Think cosmetic or simple quality of life stuff. It shouldn't allow you to super breed or bypass main ARK level advancements, etc.
    4. Can the mod be easily removed with minimal damage?
    5. The size of the mod. Large mods take time to load and update and every time a player loads an ARK server they have to wait for those mods to load. Depending on the mod, it can also cause more RAM usage by the server which is a finite resource. Typically mod size is independent of RAM utilization though, it depends on what the mod is actually doing.

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