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    Idea for more players

    I wanted to ask if i can Post on facebook our HD servers to find new players, to motivate them i had the idea to make like on valguero a "starter village" where new players are safe and i would unlock fabricator,chem bench etc. so that people get more motivated to start on here.

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    Yes that's fine, feel free to let people know about the HD servers you enjoy and play on. Just make sure it's clearly stated in your posts that you're a player on the server and not a staff member to prevent potential confusion and expectations from new players.

    As for the starter place, you could always create an unlocked outpost. Tribes are allowed 2 bases as per the rules, but there's no hard limit on outposts so long as they're not blocking resources and are removed if a new tribe wants to use the area for a main base location.

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