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Thread: PvP Clusters???

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    PvP Clusters???

    Hey is this new or just accident?

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    Quote Originally Posted by anonxmoud View Post
    Hey is this new or just accident?

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    I'm not sure what your question is. We only have 3 HappyDiggers servers active and all 3 are PvE. The other servers listed in your screenshot aren't HappyDiggers, so I'm not sure what you're asking?

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    I know that but if you log in go to obi and try to transfer its like those servers are linked to us as a cluster

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    Thanks for the report. With some context, I've confirmed the issue in game. This should not be possible. You can't link clusters across the internet between physical servers without some serious intention.

    Clusters require a shared file folder, several unique configurations that are different per cluster, and a 4 digit cluster key. While the terminals are showing access to the 'Dire' cluster, you can't actually transfer. You'll just get a time out error, and you can log back into the server to re-download your character from the cluster folder. I did confirm this in game.

    Back in the first year of server clusters, official servers had a bug that would allow free movement between all server types. This looks somewhat similiar. Even if the configurations that normally block this sort of thing from happening are broken, it would be impossible for any outside server to write their character, dino, and item files into our server files due to the way the access control lists are setup on the Linux Ark server.

    I'd rather not make any rash changes to the cluster configurations and file paths since you can't actually transfer to/from the 'Dire' cluster. So we'll wait and see if an update comes out to fix this issue. I'll look into bug reports this week and see about reporting this problem if not found. I didn't immediately find a website associated with the 'Dire' cluster, but if I can find a way to contact that server owner we may be able to compare settings and see what's linking the cluster view together since dedicated server issues aren't typically high on Ark dev's priority list.

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