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    Exclamation [Starbound] Several Issues with Server, Posting all here as I test

    So I understand the Starbound Server is pretty new and so there's going to be issues. I'm testing the server myself and trying different things, and as I encounter issues I'll continue to update this thread. Here's the issues I've found so far:

    Having the Broken Protectorate Pistol you start the game on in your inventory will cause the server to boot you due to an invalid packet.
    Having the Broken Protectorate Pistol you start the game with in your hand while on the server will cause the game to crash
    (In singleplayer having the pistol is fine, It seems to only cause problems on the server.

    Pet capture pods will not work on the server. Any creature you try to catch with a pod after weakening will instantly kill it.
    In singleplayer the pet capture pods work as normal, and after weakening a creature you can successfully capture it.

    Bounty Hunter Board is broken in server. After the initial bounty hunter quest (The first one you get) the board does not populate with any other quests, and essentially infinetly loops the first quest you've gotten over and over again.
    In singleplayer the board works just fine, this is confirmed to be a server issue.

    I will continue to playtest on the server and post any issues I find here.
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