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    TerraFirmaCraft 1.12+

    Beta versions of TerraFirmaCraft for Minecraft 1.12 (and beyond!) have been published:

    Who would be interested in playing on a new TFC server? I'm asking both regular players and staff members here. Please voice your opinions.

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    I can certainly try this new TFC. By the looks of it they changed quite few things. Sounds promising, I think I will download it and test in singleplayer this weekend
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    Maybe, not problably , i stay living in a remote rural area near equador line (no acácias).

    Sucesso a todos!

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    Ill check it out, see what changes have happened.

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    Very little time now, but come Christmas I will definitely check it out, either on single or on HD if you make a server.

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    I know I'd be interested in playing an updated tfc. The only problem for me would be time, as always :/

    The other thing is, I know I haven't been the most active on the existing 1.7.10 server but I would still like to finish my town on it, and knowing how limited server slots can be I wouldn't want a new 1.12 server if it meant killing the 1.7.10 one.


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    Yea need to try it out first but I would suspect I would like to!

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    Late reply here, I'm all for playing on a TFC 1.12 server, if its stable enough!

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