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    Transfer wyvern frome server faild


    I transfer my ice wyvern frome valguero map to crystal isles true obelisk.
    I can not download my wyvern on any maps.
    It is kinda stuck in obelisk.
    But argentavis can i dowload.
    Can you pls help me?

    Sincerely Swimwagen

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    Sadly it's a ark bug, i dont really know why but it's the same with rock golems from valguero.

    Even if you cryo him and you transfer to a other server, you will not be able to throw him out.

    Never transfer:

    Ice wyverns & Rock golems from valguero

    Crystal wyverns from crystal isles.
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    Well thats just sad
    But will not transfer wyvern anymore
    And thanks for the answer

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