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    Utopia (once Alturtown, then Alturcity)

    I invite you all to check out my town! The town is progressing well. You can teleport to the town via town spawn or from Aurora Tower. The town currently has 4 residents, 1 mayor. The residents in my town are: azstrongboy, Pernix 8D, Timpbo (news: I am sorry to say that Timpbo might have been kicked out becauce of lack of money.), pjstarfox. If anyone wants to join my town, please respond to this message describing when you want to join it and why* (why is optional). I have tons of ideas for this town, if you have any suggestions, questions, or comments, please feel free to respond to this post.

    Utopia is in the middle of the plains, and close by is the jungle, forest, and after a somewhat long walk, the tundra. The desert is far though.
    Also, the town has a giant glass wall (it is 1/2 done so far) surrounding it, with many gates. The wall is meant to protect my citizens from monsters while in the town. I have also received info from one of the servers newest players, also my newest resident (his username is purpledragon1214) that a zombie monster spawner was found near my town. I am unsure if he has destroyed it or not. Please do not destroy it, as I could turn it into a mob spawner. The mob spawner will allow people to gain XP without the zombies attacking them.
    I will add pictures of Utopia in August or September, please be patient.

    Plans (so far):
    Outpost Plan.
    I intend to place 2 outposts in the middle of each biome (excluding the plains) so that everyone has quick access to them. I also plan on adding one in the End...though at this point, I do not have access to it. In each outpost group (tundra outposts, jungle outposts, etc.), I will place a shop, an inn, and a building which acts as a place for me to stay, and a place for meetings.

    PS. Please don't be confused: I have joined THIS website on August 13, but I have joined the Towny server in mid Spring.
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