As some of you may have noticed, the past several weeks the TnFC server has been unstable. The server would crash when certain chunks are loaded. We've manually deleted a bunch of the problem areas but the crashes persist.

Last night I've started an analyses of all the chunks. It seems there's quite a bit of chunk corruption going on. I'm going to remove those chunks. Reason for this is that I have no way of knowing which chunks are still good in the backups and manually checking every single one of them is going to take more time than I'm willing to put into this right now.

The following problems were found:
Chunk problems:
| Problem | Corrupted  Wrong located  Too many entities   Total   |
|  Count  |   1413          799               1          11930507 |
Again, I'm just going to delete those chunks and hope for the best. If anyone loses a bunch of stuff because of this please open a ticket and we'll see about reimbursing the loss.

The server will be down for the better part of a day.