This Thread will be used for things related to the new expansion Genesis.

If you encounter a problem, need help, have a suggestion for events or just want to ask something reply in here.

List of current bugs and temporary solutions:

1. Blueprints for mission rewards have the same stats as the engramms.
- Give me the blueprint ingame and i will trade it for a ramshakle/apprentice blueprint (randomly rolled).
2. Hexagon are hardly/not efficient to farm.
- Exspect events soon. Already have many plans for events where you get Hexagon as rewards, mostly on weekends or over the entire week. Most of the events wont be dependent on the timezone.

Events and temporary after the event is for bugs can be changed at any time if its considered unhealthy for the state of the server. There wont be any compensation for changes in events.
Don´t affect other players event experience negativly (stealing of kill targets, obstructing players from completing events). Not following this rule with result in exclusion from events.