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    A new (TnFC) Pack has Appeared

    Pack page
    It's early days and still rough around the edges, but there is a new TNFC Pack based on the new 1.12.2 TFC.

    It's still on the ATLauncher, but it's not a recommended version so you will have to scroll up and select it from the list.

    It has a good collection of the mods we intend to use, a lot of the early integration done and lots of tools and toys to play with.

    Looking for lots of feedback. So give it a spin and let us know. Either here, or on Github.

    No thought at the moment to spin up another server, but perhaps as the pack finalizes and if there appears to be sufficient interest.

    Let me know what you all think thus far.

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    Cool, ill have to take a gander, thanks for the update J

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    downloaded but dunno how much testing can be done.

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    lions, tigers, bears oh my. (havent seen a bear yet though!)

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    10 excited

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    a list of noticeable changes:

    -no mobs at night on the surface. (haven't explored caves yet without armor)
    -chisel requires a hammer in the offhand not the hotbar (good change)
    -grass burns
    -grass will slow you down (running and walking), juries still out on this one.....(suggest teleporting...always)
    -Quern does not appear to function properly (still 2 pieces base and grind stone, no ui, spins but wont grind)
    -better mods mill stone will replace quern, decent alternative.
    -placing items on the ground requires pressing V, then you can right click the four spots of the block.
    -four planks does not expand the players crafting grid. (fine with this, workbench has a use again)
    -haven't started open air charcoal yet, but enclosed works fine.
    -alloy recipes are slightly modified (aim higher than the lowest requirement).
    -anvil heirarchy seems unchanged but the ui is slightly different.
    -lions attack once close enough.
    -saber-tooth tigers are indifferent until attacked.
    -fish spawn in a single layer pond - nice quick food
    -clay is very hard to find as there are no flowers to signify their location.
    - oh oh oh one the best things, MORE SEQUOIAS. in patches.
    -if you are too wounded you cannot jump. lower your health the slower you move.

    dark trees are sequoias

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    -haven't started open air charcoal yet, but enclosed works fine.

    open air does not work.
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