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    That's because of heavy lag i get that many times tho J said might be of any mods installed or other stuff but its like this:
    If you build something at a certain time and you relog you find out that you DIDN'T even place the blocks that's why torches or other things like that don't drop when you break the blocks under/near it. Also if you travel from point A to point B and relog at a random time you find out that you didn't even traveled to point B.... That explain fall damage too its because you are actually not playing / falling at that time... Relog from time to time before making something big or you will loose your progress!!

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    Good to know. I hadn't relogged when I was on last night till I posted that.

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    Um why isn't vanilla allow me on web anymore?!?

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    You are cross posting the same question in two different threads.

    Perhaps it's a good idea to make your own thread and we can try to figure this one out. My guess is that your IP address has changed.

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