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    Question 1.3.1

    Uhm ,is the server still at 1.2.5, or is it just I who cant enter?

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    It's because not all of the plugins haven't updated to 1.3 but you can get onto the vanilla server, The ip is : or

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    Meh, whitelist, cant be bothered to make an application.

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    I'm sure dom, wordie or j can whitelist you when they come on the forums or get on the server.

    Sorry i also forgot to say you could download the Digiex Launcher : To downgrade the version of minecraft to 1.2.5, Then enter your computer make Windows, Linux, or OS X, After that choose what file you want Microsoft .net, Java Executable File, or Java Archive, Me i'd Choose either of the java files, Preferably the Java Executable file.....and for an easy way Go to and read what j said about how to get on, Then you can scroll down to Download more jars (when you have the launcer) and choose "Final 1.2.5" Either way you have to download the jar's, So yea.
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    Like noobminer said. You can install 1.2.5 with the Digiex launcher and play on the Towny server. I'm not exactly sure when it will be updated. Dom is having some issues with his computer right now.

    As for the Vanilla server, that's invite only. So meh @ you can't be bothered to make an application

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    Because it only allows IP addresses that have played on the server, or that have been added manually, to use the chat.

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