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    The snapshot server has been updated.

    New Minecraft snapshot version is: 20w27a.

    Fixed issues:
    [MC-192894] Transparency layers lose their auxiliary depth buffer ID when resized
    [MC-191915] While in a boat the elytra does not show as enchanted
    [MC-190849] Slime blocks can only push entities 5 blocks high instead of 6 blocks high as in 1.15.2
    [MC-190274] Collecting liquids in bottles on Creative mode is inconsistent with the new creative bucket mechanics
    [MC-190266] Players and other entities can catch on fire after logging on while riding a Strider in lava
    [MC-190021] Trying to mount a pig or strider while sneaking plays hand animation
    [MC-189909] player_interacted_with_entity does not trigger if there is only one item and the item gets consumed
    [MC-188969] Having a suspicious stew in inventory prevents all types of suspicious stew from going into your inventory when milking brown mooshroom
    [MC-188473] Resource pack screen no longer updates when adding or removing resource packs
    [MC-185274] Subtitles are still showing ''Gear equips'' when eating in snapshot 20w21a or newer.
    [MC-183743] Iron golem overpopulation
    [MC-183663] Farmer villagers don't compost correctly
    [MC-182652] Ruined portals don't always spawn with chest
    [MC-178729] Inconsistency: Red and brown mushrooms can't be grown into huge mushrooms on nylium, while they can on all other "grass" blocks
    [MC-173526] All Minecarts can survive in lava
    [MC-171739] Weeping and twisting vines, bamboo, and kelp can be replaced by "saplings" by breaking and placing the block at the same time
    [MC-167285] Travelling into an end gateway with a platform on the other side while on a boat would instantly teleport you back
    [MC-150417] Some items get stuck in soul sand when there is liquid above the soul sand
    [MC-145691] Binding "Open/Close Inventory" to Tab only opens inventory
    [MC-97507] Using item which modifies the held item shows "Gear equips" subtitle
    [MC-68487] Player heads of the same player always have the same skin texture, even if the saved texture data is different
    [MC-49476] NBT "HideFlags" does not hide "Dyed" on leather armor
    [MC-2404] Stepping down while sneaking allows falling off of blocks
    [MC-1058] A dragon head is invisible if the entity wearing it is not in view

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    The snapshot server has been updated.

    New Minecraft snapshot version is: 20w28a.

    Fixed issues:
    [MC-193125] Cannot use "Inventory" key to write in recipe book, it closes GUI instead (Default: "E")
    [MC-193089] Mobs do not get damaged anymore if they're in lava and water at the same time
    [MC-193073] Game crashes when Piglins or Piglin Brutes convert to Zombified Piglins
    [MC-192306] Crimson and warped slabs use incorrect colors on maps
    [MC-191656] Right-to-left languages don't perform as expected in creative search menu
    [MC-191579] Book signing GUI has broken formatting for right-to-left languages
    [MC-191571] Switched square brackets for right-to-left languages
    [MC-191501] Opening a world from earlier 1.14 releases in 1.16 causes villagers to vanish
    [MC-190892] Brackets in potion effects are reversed in right-to-left languages
    [MC-190891] Certain redstone circuits causing lag
    [MC-190860] '/' (slash) in chat and command block shows legacy formatting symbol for right-to-left languages
    [MC-190856] '/list uuids' shows parentheses incorrectly for right-to-left languages
    [MC-190852] Advancement announcement message has switched brackets for right-to-left languages
    [MC-190098] Structure size and offset still limited to 32 for dedicated servers
    [MC-189769] Fungi grows through fire
    [MC-188534] Potted cactus missing bottom face
    [MC-188459] Potted cactus still missing cullface argument for top
    [MC-187129] Jigsaw blocks do not generate the correct structure until "Done" is pressed and the UI is reopened
    [MC-187126] Jigsaw block UI is not closed when pressing "Generate"
    [MC-187112] Extra space in "Keep Jigsaws" button in jigsaw block
    [MC-185925] Casting issue: Mineral vein generation uses 32-bit floats, leading to precision loss and potential crashes
    [MC-185684] Enderman can teleport when hit in cases where they previously would not teleport
    [MC-182868] Rail updates are 4-5x times laggier since 1.14 if the rail is on top of a non-full cube
    [MC-182430] Piglins continuously try and fail to pick up gold ingots if they can't reach them
    [MC-181233] Mobs cannot spawn on wooden trapdoors, but can on iron and nether fungus trapdoors
    [MC-181204] doDaylightCycle button slightly incorrectly labeled
    [MC-179369] Wandering Traders are always invisible in the Nether and the End
    [MC-176753] Piglins stand around dropped golden items if their "CanPickUpLoot" tag is set to "0b"
    [MC-174520] Soul particle texture is incorrect for the first frame
    [MC-174479] Cannot place sea pickles on soul sand
    [MC-173526] All Minecarts can survive in lava
    [MC-172221] Hoglins, zoglins, ravagers, iron golems, and polar bears won't walk down a block if they are partially walking on air
    [MC-171363] Nether forest biomes: Large fungi and small plants only generate on the topmost layer of nylium, leaving all lower layers devoid of flora
    [MC-65953] Tags IsBaby and IsVillager can't be changed from true to false with /entitydata
    [MC-34661] Thorns enchantment causes double armor decay

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    The snapshot server has been updated.

    New Minecraft snapshot version is: 20w29a.

    Fixed issues:
    [MC-194464] "large_oak_foliage_placer" incorrectly serializes to "blob_foliage_placer"
    [MC-194298] Bone meal can't create flowers
    [MC-194257] Several instances of "snowy" being spelled as "snovy" in the vanilla_worldgen configuration
    [MC-194220] Totems of Undying give you Fire Resistance II instead of the maximum Fire Resistance I
    [MC-194200] Birch trees are not generated correctly in the Birch Forest and Birch Forest Hills biomes
    [MC-194173] Hitboxes are rendered offset while picking up items or experience on graphics settings Fast and Fancy
    [MC-193662] Player flying in creative slightly above blocks while sneaking and jumping are restrained to that block
    [MC-193560] Enchantment glint doesn't render on elytra in specific circumstances
    [MC-192021] Enchantment Glint effect on transparent blocks not properly rendered on Fabulous graphic
    [MC-191623] Ender dragon battle music does not stop after ender dragon has been defeated
    [MC-191031] Players in spectator mode can interact with boats
    [MC-190559] Baby striders don't die when it's raining and they are in lava
    [MC-189788] Certain mobs in boats sometimes take drowning damage while the boat is moving
    [MC-185019] Worldgen settings with empty structures parameter generates all structures extremely frequent
    [MC-176836] Unarmed vindicators raise their arm in offensive way when attacking
    [MC-176778] Camera is reset when a block reappears due to high server latency
    [MC-166718] Mobs no longer suffocate inside of soul sand, farmland or grass paths
    [MC-158735] Pillagers without crossbows hold their arm up, in a way that may be offensive to some people
    [MC-153230] Players in spectator mode can stop minecarts

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    The snapshot server has been updated.

    New Minecraft snapshot version is: 20w30a.

    Fixed issues:
    [MC-195582] Typing a colon twice or after a slash in chat when specifying a function/item/block/etc. in a command crashes the game
    [MC-195052] "angle" argument in spawnpoint command doesn't use "minecraft:rotation" parser
    [MC-194350] Some feature configurations don't load in a datapack (java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: value already present: clh@77f95e19)
    [MC-194273] Save data of new Nether biomes is lost when upgrading a world to 20w28a or above
    [MC-194263] Large End Cities do not generate correctly / get cut off
    [MC-193339] NullPointerException during shutdown when rcon enabled with no password
    [MC-193276] Player floats slightly above strider while riding it
    [MC-192296] Spider Jockey from a spawner minecart crashes with"java.lang.IllegalStateException: Entity is already tracked"
    [MC-191562] "Cancel" button overlaps "Done" button when uploading a world to Realms, making users unable to upload world
    [MC-191441] Right-to-left text is rendered bottom-up in some cases
    [MC-190288] Fabulous and Fancy graphics tooltips have missing commas
    [MC-190102] Some UI strings are not consistently capitalized
    [MC-189918] Multiplayer warning uses "Mojang" instead of "Mojang Studios"
    [MC-188880] Baby zombified piglins riding on chickens aren't positioned properly
    [MC-188621] Mojang "Production Manager" credit is indented further than other credits
    [MC-188392] Death message for getting shot by a skull is not grammatically correct in all situations
    [MC-188390] Comma splices in four strings
    [MC-188389] Several minor errors in datapackFailure.title
    [MC-187380] Incorrect grammar in en_us translation of pack.dropConfirm
    [MC-187379] Text for makes no sense
    [MC-187344] Fast graphics tooltip has incorrect 'tree-leaves' spelling
    [MC-181925] Unarmed vexes raise their arms in an offensive way when attacking
    [MC-153195] Mobs can drop items with duplicate enchantments
    [MC-149060] Villagers "spam" doors by opening and closing them really fast
    [MC-148447] Villagers often get stuck while trying to go through a door at the same time
    [MC-116857] Advancement descriptions use unnecessary capitalization on generic resource names
    [MC-57869] Some item tooltips use ยง for coloring, rendering them incorrect in right-to-left languages
    [MC-35765] Viewing text in Right-to-Left language while in another language renders backwards and non-connected

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    The snapshot server has been updated.

    New Minecraft snapshot version is: 1.16.2-pre1.

    Fixed issues:
    [MC-195544] Game crashes after killing a mob that is being ridden by a guardian which is being ridden by a wither skeleton
    [MC-195062] Raids often will not end in defeat when all villagers are dead if there are job sites in the village
    [MC-194845] Subspace Bubble advancement cannot be completed with 7 km distance
    [MC-194299] Template pools fail to load via datapack
    [MC-194263] Large End Cities do not generate correctly / get cut off
    [MC-193213] Leads are positioned incorrectly on players and Wandering Traders
    [MC-192032] Villagers don't always try to claim the closest workstation and are sometimes focussed on a non-existent one or one out of their reach
    [MC-191168] Piglins that convert into Zombified Piglins while sitting on a minecart sometimes sink into blocks
    [MC-189797] Hoglins, Zoglins, melee Piglins, and Piglin Brutes do not properly attack invisible entities within normal range
    [MC-189414] Smithing table doesn't calculate amount of output items correctly
    [MC-187904] Data packs cannot replace settings of vanilla dimensions during world creation
    [MC-187398] Smithing table and stonecutter recipes are not unlocked when used
    [MC-185490] Separated trader llamas on leads cause server performance (tps) issues
    [MC-182330] Crossbow-wielding piglins behave weirdly when they try to pursue invisible players
    [MC-178061] Chat Delay option doesn't exist in Chat settings
    [MC-177651] Despite being cold outside of lava, striders don't care about staying in lava
    [MC-176034] You can walk on striders
    [MC-176015] Strider suffocates when player is saddled on and looking up with Warped Fungus on a Stick
    [MC-174574] Soul speed doesn't work when slabs and blocks of similar height are placed above the soul sand block
    [MC-170900] New Nether plants can be picked up without shears/silk touch
    [MC-167045] Banners are rendered too dark in the inventory
    [MC-163767] Villagers get ejected from a minecart when converted to a zombie villager
    [MC-158987] Raid still continues after a villager turns into a witch
    [MC-125758] Bubble column does not affect egg, snowball, ender pearl, splash potion, lingering potion, fireball and shulker bullet
    [MC-73884] Throwable projectiles get destroyed at contact with non solid blocks

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    The snapshot server has been updated.

    New Minecraft snapshot version is: 1.16.2-pre2.

    Fixed issues:
    [MC-196743] Custom/modified biomes don't work in the overworld
    [MC-196653] Creating multiple datapack dimensions which reference the same dimension_type string causes "unregistered dimension" crash
    [MC-196473] Pufferfish gives Nausea II instead of the maximum of Nausea I
    [MC-196469] F1 hides the nausea green tint
    [MC-196441] Stonecutter/Smithing Table recipes are not given after crafting a stack of more than one
    [MC-196245] Charged creeper does not always drop skull if zombie variants are nearby
    [MC-195851] "Hat" layer on helmets detaches from Piglins' heads while bartering
    [MC-195803] Mob kill statistics are formatted in reverse: "N killed you <mob> times"
    [MC-194953] Custom Biomes are not useable in Predicates
    [MC-194867] Minecarts come out the wrong side of a nether portal and lose momentum when coming back to overworld
    [MC-192845] Block Event Lag in 1.16 is excessive
    [MC-192371] Paintings in the same block space pop off when chunk loads
    [MC-192236] Endermen can place blocks on top of item frames on the floor
    [MC-192136] Lava damage works differently than in previous versions
    [MC-190859] floating_islands or caves buffet worlds no longer generate strongholds and ender eyes do not locate previously generated strongholds after upgrading to 1.16
    [MC-190552] Demo mode resets position and inventory upon launch
    [MC-189736] "distance" within predicate no longer works
    [MC-187357] Strongholds will not generate in floating_islands or caves preset
    [MC-176491] Nylium randomly catches fire from lava and burns infinitely
    [MC-152037] Powered, activator and detector rails are deleted when pushed/pulled onto a block they cannot be placed on
    [MC-136553] Dyes in creative inventory are in reverse order
    [MC-134084] If gamerule sendCommandFeedback is disabled, /msg or /tell don't display the message to the sender
    [MC-130558] Item frames cannot be emptied if gamerule doEntityDrops is set to false
    [MC-124320] Endermen can pick up and place snowless snowy grass blocks
    [MC-69876] Pistons at Y=1 do not push downwards / at Y=254 do not push upwards

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