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    The snapshot server has been updated.

    New Minecraft snapshot version is: 20w18a.

    Fixed issues:
    [MC-181296] Panorama has wrong overlay when using Programmer Art
    [MC-180353] Chat background renders in front of the Debug Menu but chat text renders behind it
    [MC-180299] "Elytra" in "Disable Elytra movement check" is inconsistently capitalized
    [MC-180248] The "g" in "Upgrade gear" is not capitalized
    [MC-180246] The "r" in "Game rules" is not capitalized
    [MC-180138] Long messages in chat no longer have hanging indention
    [MC-180135] Empty chat messages are not displayed
    [MC-180125] Incorrect font spacing on non-BMP characters
    [MC-180110] Underline and strikethrough in JSON text don't always render correctly
    [MC-180100] Rain particles appear black under certain conditions
    [MC-180030] Adult hoglins zombified into an adult zoglin deals the same damage as a baby
    [MC-179954] Keybindings are not correctly inserted into the demo info box text
    [MC-179952] Height map data doesn't get converted
    [MC-179905] Caption of game rule screen is missing
    [MC-179886] Play button overlay doesn't appear in worldsave selection GUI
    [MC-179883] Raw JSON text duplicates components in "extra" in entity names
    [MC-179868] Crash when going to a previous page of writable books
    [MC-179866] In some spots, it is raining even if it should be snowing
    [MC-179863] Setting attribute minecraft:generic.max_health value to 0 or lower causes an infinite death loop after dying
    [MC-179858] Maps show stone-like pattern despite it not being there
    [MC-179850] There is no difference between Entity Distance 100% and 500%
    [MC-179847] Hoglins and Piglins spin around
    [MC-179845] Rain falls through any blocks in some spots
    [MC-179841] Game crashes when you optimize your world
    [MC-179839] Chat text renders behind the armor bar
    [MC-178949] Bastion Remnants cannot be generated in in superflat worlds
    [MC-178943] Piglins/hoglins spawned in bastion remnants can outrun players
    [MC-178817] "Chain Blocks" don't have a "waterlogged" state
    [MC-178336] The message "You have no home bed or respawn anchor, or it was obstructed" doesn't make it clear that your respawn anchor might have been depleted
    [MC-178129] Entity conversion subtitles use inconsistent tenses
    [MC-178013] Zombified Piglins riding striders can despawn, leaving saddled striders
    [MC-177976] Baby piglins can pick up soul campfires
    [MC-177951] Game crashes when fire starters are used on a non-campfire in the #campfires tag
    [MC-177911] Cave generator doesn't cut through blackstone
    [MC-177816] Failed to access/delete level should be "world"
    [MC-177794] Globe Banner Pattern is not required to add the globe to a banner
    [MC-177790] Piglin Banners are named block.minecraft.banner.piglin.[<colour>]
    [MC-177771] "death.attack.fireworks.item" displays raw translation string (is untranslated)
    [MC-177561] Compasses used on the top of lodestone at y=255 do not break when the lodestone is destroyed
    [MC-177173] Baby Zoglin age status value is not stored in the NBT tag.
    [MC-177127] Unnecessary exclamation point in subtitle "End Portal opens!"
    [MC-177105] Piglins, hoglins, zoglins and villagers look at their target's feet instead of its head
    [MC-176468] Adult striders can spawn with saddles
    [MC-176459] Baby striders can spawn with saddles
    [MC-176203] Striders with Levitation walking on Lava don't levitate
    [MC-176135] Striders riding other entities are not cold
    [MC-176054] Baby strider passengers float / passenger offset is too high
    [MC-176032] Striders can float
    [MC-176028] Striders can spawn in stacks of three or more
    [MC-175741] Game crashes when a cat attempts to sleep in a non-bed in the #beds tag
    [MC-175740] Game crashes when dispenser is used on non-beehive block in #beehives tag
    [MC-175107] It's possible to get Bad Omen VI in Survival mode
    [MC-174811] Zombified piglins are able to spawn on top of nether wart blocks
    [MC-174593] Inconsistent pluralisation in "fell off a scaffolding"
    [MC-174573] Nether vines can drop multiple copies with fortune (free duplication)
    [MC-173747] Armor enchantment glint doesn't render
    [MC-173385] New Nether lighting system doesn't affect fluids, entity-like blocks (chests, etc.) and entities
    [MC-173198] Target blocks are transparent and do not transfer redstone signals
    [MC-173067] NullPointerException when a structure containing a campfire is placed during world generation
    [MC-172253] Equip sound doesn't play when Piglins equip items
    [MC-172172] Adult piglins spin around while following the player
    [MC-171523] Inconsistent strings for warped and crimson wall signs
    [MC-170944] /locatebiome messages do not fit for all biome names
    [MC-170840] Broken spawn rates in soul sand valleys and warped forests
    [MC-166296] Mobs picking up and equipping items does not play the equipping sound
    [MC-166269] Wet wolves become black for an instant after shaking off water
    [MC-162385] The background of the title text does not fade with the text
    [MC-147255] Beds in the overworld will explode if in a nether wastes biome
    [MC-143904] Adding a non-rail block to the "rails" block tag will crash the game when placing a minecart on it
    [MC-111381] Rendering rotations for shulkers are set in onInitialSpawn method
    [MC-11211] Unable to perform many right click actions when targeting the top face of blocks placed at y=255

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    The snapshot server has been updated.

    New Minecraft snapshot version is: 20w19a.

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    The snapshot server has been updated.

    New Minecraft snapshot version is: 20w20a.

    Fixed issues:
    [MC-182967] Throwing ender pearl whilst mounted doesn't teleport you
    [MC-179481] Structure block offset can't be bigger than 32
    [MC-175992] Striders are not part of the "Two by Two" advancement challenge
    [MC-173756] Ice Bucket Challenge advancement can be obtained by collecting obsidian from bartering
    [MC-173207] Bullseye advancement can be made when using a non-arrow projectile, even though the description explicitly mentions arrows
    [MC-118234] Advancement 'Not Today, Thank You' can be triggered by non-arrow projectiles

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    It looks like snapshot 20w20a crashes during startup. The issue has been reported to Mojang, see Jira:

    [main/ERROR]: Unable to bootstrap registry 'minecraft:entity_type' [main/ERROR]: Unable to bootstrap registry 'minecraft:feature'
    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError
            at gl.H(SourceFile:94)
            at gl.a(SourceFile:132)
            at java.util.LinkedHashMap$LinkedEntrySet.forEach(
            at gl.<clinit>(SourceFile:131)
            at aoc.a(SourceFile:144)
            at aoc.<clinit>(SourceFile:150)
            at ckx.<clinit>(SourceFile:23)
            at cka.<clinit>(SourceFile:64)
            at cqg.<clinit>(SourceFile:77)
            at cif.<clinit>(SourceFile:64)
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.<clinit>(SourceFile:179)
    Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
            at bsh.<init>(SourceFile:44)
            at bqk.<clinit>(SourceFile:9)
            ... 11 more
    Now we wait for 20w20b to come along. Until then the snapshot server will be down.

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    Mojang released snapshot 20w20b yesterday which fixed the startup crash mentioned in the previous post. The snapshot server is up and running again

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    The snapshot server has been updated.

    New Minecraft snapshot version is: 20w21a.

    Fixed issues:
    [MC-183786] Named seeds that are not numbers are not being recognized
    [MC-183249] Carving Mask BitSets created for lower chunk statuses
    [MC-182912] Piglins still do not change their current crossbow for a new enchanted one
    [MC-182743] Wither skeletons don't spawn inside of wither roses
    [MC-182514] 15 Block States per SubChunk Limit during World Upgrade
    [MC-181611] Vindicators stop attacking you when they are standing really close to you
    [MC-181522] Chunks that haven't been explored since 1.13 are resetting
    [MC-181511] Chunks with redstone are removed
    [MC-181499] Buckets cannot be emptied into a source block, but still produce a sound when trying
    [MC-181463] The buttons are not selected in the right order using Tab in the new world creation menus
    [MC-181298] Game crashes when trying to generate a nether biome superflat world with ruined portals
    [MC-181270] Trying to open old worlds (in Region format?) without version information in snapshots does not show warning screen
    [MC-180852] There is no space on the beacon's secondary power effects in the UI
    [MC-180257] Crash when setting LodestonePos of compass to something other than NBT compound
    [MC-178298] Ancient debris and nether gold ore can't generate in Basalt Deltas
    [MC-178212] Nether planks, their variants, and hyphae are harder than stems
    [MC-178130] Zombie Villagers are called "Zombie" in some subtitles
    [MC-177830] Blackstone and basalt prevent Ancient Debris and other Nether ores from generating
    [MC-177438] Turtle egg's name inconsistently capitalized across different subtitles
    [MC-177088] Polar bear step sound does not have subtitles
    [MC-177075] Taking product out of stonecutter produces no subtitle
    [MC-172255] Piglins immediately dismount any entity that they are riding
    [MC-172207] Parrots don't imitate hoglins, zoglins and piglins
    [MC-172090] Piglins would rather hold a golden item instead of a crossbow
    [MC-170930] Nether Sprouts item not visible when held in the hand in first person
    [MC-169764] Fish flopping sound shows both 'Footsteps' and 'Fish flops' subtitles
    [MC-166292] Subtitle from foxes eating chorus fruit: "Player teleports"
    [MC-147516] Hostile mobs will sometimes stop attacking/following their target when directly next to it
    [MC-123155] When any non-player entity enters an End portal the obsidian platform is not regenerated and the entity can fall into the void
    [MC-113068] Zombie banging on door subtitle is called "Block broken"
    [MC-107103] Trying to interact with entity 3 or more blocks away without seeing its eyes only interacts client-side
    [MC-97507] Using item which modifies the held item shows "Gear equips" subtitle
    [MC-97247] Map making sound uses equipment sound subtitle

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    The snapshot server has been updated.

    New Minecraft snapshot version is: 20w22a.

    Fixed issues:
    [MC-185156] Worldgen settings are not validated and can cause crashes
    [MC-184936] Old Minecraft logo in the end poem/credits
    [MC-184778] Redstone dust can be toggled between cross and dot in adventure mode
    [MC-184740] Structures generated in previous versions are not recognised as valid structures, causing mobs not to spawn
    [MC-184730] [Crash] "java.lang.NullPointerException: mouseClicked event handler" - Some Superflat presets crash immediately when trying to generate them
    [MC-184629] Piglins riding on hoglins or other piglins automatically dismount them
    [MC-184619] Piglins riding on other entities float
    [MC-184609] Text renders in the wrong order
    [MC-184482] End Gateways don't generate after defeating the ender dragon
    [MC-183860] Zombie villager converted from villager gets PersistenceRequired depending on whether attacking zombie had it
    [MC-183808] "Bee Our Guest" advancement does not trigger when harvesting honey from bee nests
    [MC-183718] Stronghold end portal can be overwritten by ocean ruins
    [MC-183496] Enchantment glint doesn't render in boat interior
    [MC-183374] Text on signs stops rendering while still in view
    [MC-183275] Basalt pillars end above the lava in Java Edition but inside of the lava in Bedrock Edition
    [MC-182967] Throwing ender pearl whilst mounted doesn't teleport you
    [MC-182919] Horse armour stops rendering if you equip the horse with a saddle by right-clicking
    [MC-182888] Compasses and clocks work like normal in villager trading GUI
    [MC-182666] Parity issue: Piglins do not have a dancing animation when celebrating their victory
    [MC-181555] When replacing a snow layer with a grass block, podzol or mycelium, the block has the "snowy=true" blockstate
    [MC-181529] Ctrl + Pick Block no longer copies skull / head NBT data properly
    [MC-181464] When a piglin picks up a shield the gear equip sound is infinitely spammed
    [MC-181108] Right-to-left text is displayed left-to-right at all times
    [MC-180877] Fire does not spread from netherack to other blocks
    [MC-180771] Observer not updating when tree grows leaves in front of it
    [MC-180098] Farmer villagers' farming behavior is broken
    [MC-179909] 2x2 trees sometimes fail to grow, but if they grow, they always grow on the surface
    [MC-179890] Fire stops ticking forever if gamerule doFireTick is set to false once
    [MC-179020] Jigsaw blocks do not disappear post-gen when structure is spawned using the 'Generate' action from an initial jigsaw
    [MC-178441] Endermen don't avoid the wither's skull projectiles
    [MC-178003] Fossils can generate inside of desert temples
    [MC-177970] Player can occasionally be forced into crawling in one block tall spaces
    [MC-177962] Giant fungi can replace waterlogged blocks when growing
    [MC-177888] Blackstone can’t be used to repair stone tools and weapons using an anvil
    [MC-177870] Soul campfire doesn’t deal twice the amount of damage as normal campfire
    [MC-177626] Spruce generation is broken
    [MC-177265] Piglin and Zombified Piglin right arm/leg/loincloth textures are identical to the left ones
    [MC-177150] Ticking entity java.lang.IllegalStateException: Tag minecraft:fire used before it was bound
    [MC-176628] Frost Walker protects player from fire
    [MC-176147] Basalt randomly gets cut off
    [MC-176051] Glowstone in the offhand sets spawn point and charges respawn anchor at the same time
    [MC-176020] If a player is riding a strider, other players can not see the animation of the strider
    [MC-175553] Piglins don't drop their inventories when converted to zombified piglins
    [MC-174932] Right-to-left text appears left-to-right after game start until language is changed
    [MC-174692] Shroomlights, wart blocks and vines can overwrite the stem of large Nether fungi
    [MC-174325] Mushrooms or Nether fungi can replace the stem of large nether fungi (trees)
    [MC-174307] Nether fossil stops basalt pillar
    [MC-173552] Nether Fossil support islands are sometimes cut off at chunk borders
    [MC-173404] Desync when mounting an entity while sneaking
    [MC-173197] Zombified Piglin does not hold its arms upwards like a zombie
    [MC-173063] Redstone wire doesn't update connections going up or down when being placed by commands
    [MC-173032] Fossils can overwrite the stronghold end portal
    [MC-172980] Light does not propagate across chunk borders properly
    [MC-172479] Hoglins immediately attack invisible players
    [MC-172272] /clear removes all items from crafting grid regardless of item type
    [MC-172197] Nylium is not dropping netherrack when it is broken by pickaxe
    [MC-172142] Items are invisible while being picked up
    [MC-172079] The /clear command output doesn't count items in the inventory crafting grid
    [MC-171553] Basalt can generate inside Nether fortresses
    [MC-169891] Zombie Reinforcements can spawn in regardless if light level is higher than 9 in nether (hard difficulty)
    [MC-167039] Right-clicking on a spawner with the same mob spawn egg as in spawner plays hand animation
    [MC-166135] Bees inside a nest/hive don't grow up or get their breeding timer reset
    [MC-165962] Some transparent items make transparent blocks and beacon beams not render behind them when dropped (again)
    [MC-165549] Arm swing animation is still played when drinking an item
    [MC-164233] "Skilled" villagers without job site do not get precedence over unemployed villagers
    [MC-163910] Hand animation sometimes plays for a second time with high ping
    [MC-162665] Food does not drop from a campfire when it is put out with a shovel/water bottle
    [MC-162340] World border is rendered behind transparent blocks
    [MC-157436] Player position is constantly reset when clicking with a sword or a trident onto the ground in creative mode
    [MC-157303] Villagers wake up and seek a new "home" (bed) while living in a 2 high house
    [MC-156866] Villagers level from Apprentice to Journeyman with less experience than shown by XP bar
    [MC-156161] Some chest loot is randomized across the same seed, unlike before 1.14
    [MC-153787] Zombie Reinforcements can spawn on glass
    [MC-150806] Multiple villagers are attached to the same profession block
    [MC-148893] Fox spawners do not render the fox inside of the block
    [MC-143443] Redstone dust block states don't update properly if the wire is broken by a piston
    [MC-134755] All short mobs drown just below the surface of water
    [MC-125006] Stronghold and dungeon generate over each other
    [MC-124812] Endermen holding a block can despawn
    [MC-120805] Pig rotation is wrong when you see a player riding them with carrot on a stick
    [MC-118594] Removal of Log4J2Plugins.dat causing a slowdown of 3 secs on startup while it has to rescan all classes
    [MC-112131] Intersecting dungeons: spawner replaced by cobblestone
    [MC-4065] Messages/commands sent while in a bed won't be remembered in sent history
    [MC-667] Lily pads can be placed intersecting entities

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    The snapshot server has been updated.

    New Minecraft snapshot version is: 1.16-pre1.

    Fixed issues:
    [MC-4520] - Aggressive neutral mobs become neutral when the world is reloaded
    [MC-9856] - you cannot pick up buckets of water/lava in creative mode
    [MC-36322] - Unable to milk cows in creative
    [MC-64623] - Lightning bolts cannot be targeted by selectors
    [MC-69032] - When a mob hits a zombified piglin, and that mob dies, the zombified piglins attack you
    [MC-90969] - Cannot get mushroom stew from mooshrooms / milk from cows in creative mode
    [MC-106968] - Snow golems aren’t damaged by splash or lingering water bottles
    [MC-127004] - Waterlogged blocks cause z-fighting when looking at them from a distance
    [MC-138675] - Wither skulls inflict the Wither effect on players in Creative mode
    [MC-138713] - “Two by Two” advancement does not require donkeys or mules
    [MC-158906] - After sleeping in a bed, players aren’t positioned in the center of a block
    [MC-159500] - Hostile mobs attacking bees also cause the bees to attack players
    [MC-161969] - Casting issue: Adding ender eyes to end portal frames at high distances causes particles to lose precision
    [MC-163950] - Ice bordering water causes z-fighting issues from a distance
    [MC-164692] - Entering a boat does not play the hand animation
    [MC-165669] - Hand animation is playing when you’re aiming at a block through the mob and use the spawn egg
    [MC-165734] - Minecarts with furnace still display a hand animation with incompatible items when not on a rail
    [MC-166188] - Bees still hitting player after death
    [MC-166524] - Trying to dye a sheep with the same color as sheep displays hand animation
    [MC-167042] - Casting issue: Campfire embers are generated at a point that loses precision at high coordinates
    [MC-167044] - Casting issue: Enchanting table book does not open for the player at high distances in some cases
    [MC-167046] - Casting issue: Lava ember particles and lava popping sounds lose precision on creation at high coordinates
    [MC-167047] - Casting issue: TNT blocks ignited by other explosions lose precision at high coordinates
    [MC-167091] - Casting issue: Water particles dripping from leaves lose precision at high coordinates
    [MC-167195] - Bees anger towards players in survival when killed in one hit
    [MC-167971] - Casting issue: Particles emitted by redstone repeaters lose precision at high coordinates
    [MC-168675] - Settings that update after closing the video settings menu don’t if you change the fullscreen setting
    [MC-170872] - Casting issue: Nether biome particles suffer from precision loss
    [MC-170944] - /locatebiome messages do not fit for all biome names
    [MC-171035] - Casting issue: Particles from falling rain lose precision at high coordinates
    [MC-171037] - Casting issue: smoke produced by lava during rain loses precision at high coordinates
    [MC-171663] - Right-clicking on unemployed villagers sometimes cause hand animation to stop after a villager has a profession
    [MC-171683] - Crimson and warped doors can’t have transparent textures
    [MC-172259] - Baby Hoglin/Zoglin have their head slightly above their neck, it seems that their head is partly floating
    [MC-172531] - Small mobs get stuck in fence corners
    [MC-172610] - When not aiming at a block through a ridable mob while using a spawn egg on it, the player starts riding the mob and a baby mob is spawned
    [MC-174815] - Piglins don’t automatically attack withers
    [MC-175028] - Sometimes hoglins don’t avoid warped fungus
    [MC-175215] - Respawn anchors destroy blocks when detonated underwater
    [MC-175409] - Soul speed “effect” stays when you levitate/fly off of soul sand or soul soil
    [MC-175476] - Respawn anchor doesn’t cull block faces
    [MC-175911] - Soul Speed lasts after leaving soul blocks
    [MC-176041] - Using a spawn egg on a strider while aiming at lava spawns both a baby and an adult strider
    [MC-176188] - Striders are not damaged by splash or lingering water bottles
    [MC-176225] - Accelerating a baby strider’s growth does not display hand animation
    [MC-176470] - Respawning in the nether does not de-aggro zombified piglins
    [MC-176637] - Closing game during Mojang load screen causes NullPointerException
    [MC-176640] - You can set your spawn point inside dangerous blocks
    [MC-178567] - Shearing sheep does not display hand animation again
    [MC-178618] - Feeding a flower to a brown mooshroom does not perform hand animation
    [MC-178961] - /loot … fish … command no longer has any functionality
    [MC-179561] - Retreating baby hoglins sometimes won’t pathfind to the opposite direction of the player
    [MC-180111] - Hoglins angered for reasons other than being attacked by the player ignore placed repellents.
    [MC-180922] - Right clicking a mob with a spawn egg to spawn the baby variant doesn’t play the hand swing animation when not aiming at a block through the mob
    [MC-182308] - Chicken jockeys cannot despawn
    [MC-182748] - Casting issue: Redstone dust particles are generated at the wrong positions at high coordinates
    [MC-182883] - Parity issue: Baby hoglins don’t follow adult hoglins
    [MC-183766] - Who Is Cutting Onions Improperly Capitalized
    [MC-183767] - Incorrect filename for “Serious Dedication” advancement in vanilla data pack
    [MC-183792] - piglin_loved item tag has unnecessary items
    [MC-183821] - “Game Mode Switcher” bottom hint text isn’t centered
    [MC-183825] - New nether challenges don’t grant experience points
    [MC-183893] - Gold nugget isn’t under #piglin_loved
    [MC-184679] - Using custom world generation, temperature is written wrong
    [MC-184947] - Carriage return symbol can be seen when importing or exporting world generation settings to or from certain worlds
    [MC-185095] - “thrown_item_picked_up_by_entity” advancement trigger does not work for players
    [MC-185377] - Bone mealing kelp creates a large field of particles, rather than only within the kelp’s block space
    [MC-185480] - Casting issue: Smoke particles emitted by campfires during rain form at the wrong positions at high coordinates
    [MC-186062] - Warning “Could not find uniform named InSize in the specified shader program.” when loading resources
    [MC-186064] - Clouds render in front of everything for some users
    [MC-186067] - Some structures’ loot chests do not contain any items
    [MC-186071] - Clouds are visible and don’t render correctly when they are turned off
    [MC-186074] - Particles render in the wrong order with transparent blocks when using certain graphics cards
    [MC-186075] - GPU usage in latest snapshot significantly higher than before, causing lag or crash for some users
    [MC-186080] - Entities, block entities, and items are rendered black on some graphics cards
    [MC-186088] - Block hitboxes once again cause semi-transparent blocks not to render behind them
    [MC-186089] - Functions load before entity tags do, causing loading errors.
    [MC-186101] - Some commands in functions cause a NullPointerException
    [MC-186108] - Enchantment glint does not render on dropped/thrown items
    [MC-186109] - You can use multiplayer commands on a singleplayer world
    [MC-186124] - Lightning bolt doesn’t render
    [MC-186204] - Items render in front of other entities, transparent blocks, and blocks with special renderers
    [MC-186253] - Held translucent blocks make the water, clouds, particles, and placed translucent blocks behind them invisible in third person mode.
    [MC-186274] - Purple light from Ender Dragon’s Death doesn’t appear
    [MC-186284] - Player’s point of view is upside down in 20w22a
    [MC-186314] - Villagers become fixated on potential job site
    [MC-186335] - Bees age calculation inside hive/nest is broken
    [MC-186455] - Persistent villagers without experience can despawn after converting to a witch
    [MC-186464] - Enabled data packs still show up in the “/datapack enable” list
    [MC-186478] - Tag minecraft:tick doesn’t work when joining a world
    [MC-186480] - Inner parts of slime blocks and honey blocks disappear again while the block is moved by a piston
    [MC-186600] - Nether gold ore is gray on a map
    [MC-186696] - Totem of Undying causes red or blue tint in the screen when in F5 mode

    • Added new “Fabulous” graphics option - uses per-pixel blending layers for some transparent elements

    • You can now milk Cows and Mooshrooms in creative mode
    • You can now get stew from Mooshrooms in creative mode
    • When you use an empty bucket on water in creative mode, you now get a bucket of water. If you have a bucket of water in your inventory already, no additional water buckets will be added when you use your empty bucket on water.
    • When any villager is struck by lightning, the witch it is converted to will no longer despawn
    • Added gamerule universalAnger (disabled by default), which makes angered neutral mobs attack any nearby player, not just the player that angered them. Works best if you disable forgiveDeadPlayers.
    • Added gamerule forgiveDeadPlayers (enabled by default), which makes angered neutral mobs stop being angry when the targeted player dies nearby.
    • Zombified piglins no longer attack innocent bystanders (unless you enable gamerule universalAnger)
    • Zombified piglins stop being angry if the targeted player dies nearby (unless you disable gamerule forgiveDeadPlayers)

    • Smithing recipes can now be added or changed through data packs
    • Game will now detect critical datapack issues, like missing required tags and prevent world from being loaded
    • World generation customization can now be added in data packs## World Customization

    • Data packs can now be selected before world is created
    • “Copy world” option will also copy data packs present in source world

    • Packs can now be dropped directly on data and resource pack selection screens
    • Dropped files and directories will be copied to appropriate places

    There’s now a smithing recipe type. Recipes of this type are used in the smithing table to upgrade one item type into another type, maintaining tags.
    • base - Ingredient specifying an item to be upgraded.
    • addition - Ingredient specifying valid items to trigger the upgrade.
    • result - Item specifying the resulting type of the upgraded item

    • Data packs can now contain dimension_type and dimension folders with world generation and dimension settings

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    The snapshot server has been updated.

    New Minecraft snapshot version is: 1.16-pre2.

    Fixed issues:
    [MC-187350] - Game randomly crashes / IllegalStateException: POI never registered
    [MC-187352] - Loading a world created in 1.16-pre1 always ask for confirmation
    [MC-187353] - Crash when loading some worlds: IllegalStateException: Lock is no longer valid
    [MC-187358] - Worlds generated in 1.16-pre1 do not have their world generation settings saved correctly, causing chunk errors
    [MC-187364] - Disabling and enabling dimension datapack disables nether and end
    [MC-187408] - Game crashing with Nether portals - java.lang.NullPointerException: Ticking player

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    The snapshot server has been updated.

    New Minecraft snapshot version is: 1.16-pre3.

    Fixed issues:
    [MC-13823] - Leads are incorrectly positioned on certain entities
    [MC-14680] - Lead is shifted upwards or downwards based on leashed entity height
    [MC-27535] - Mobs can sometimes still despawn, even if named with a name tag
    [MC-84610] - Off-hand hotkey doesn’t work in inventories
    [MC-131286] - Attack will use right hand instead of left hand when swimming (main hand: left)
    [MC-134608] - Certain Spawner Tag Conditions Induce Game Crash
    [MC-143473] - Teleporting a mob while it is pathfinding will make it navigate back to where it was originally going
    [MC-152157] - “Marie Stålkrantz” is not the right color in game credits
    [MC-159371] - Leads are incorrectly positioned on bees
    [MC-159502] - Bees don’t avoid water; killing themselves
    [MC-160520] - Bee’s wandering AI tries to go through three-way corners
    [MC-163921] - Placing a block while looking at redstone ore plays no sound
    [MC-166346] - Transparent blocks do not render properly with tripwire above
    [MC-166880] - Pufferfish spikes model seems to be broken
    [MC-167043] - Enchantment glint does only apply to the handle of shields with banners
    [MC-169008] - Using End portal in the Nether teleports the player to the End, but at the same coordinates the player was in the Nether
    [MC-171618] - Players wearing armor take less damage from burning when standing in fire under certain conditions
    [MC-171810] - Some Mojang employees are not mentioned in the credits
    [MC-171969] - Fall damage is negated when stepping up after falling
    [MC-172053] - Nether particles get stuck on the bottom of blocks
    [MC-172105] - When a piglin is dancing, targeting or looking at an item, the chestplate the piglin is wearing does not adjust to the piglin’s pose
    [MC-172110] - Texture of turtle shells is missing when worn by a piglin or zombified piglin
    [MC-172871] - Unable to spawn wither in horizontal arrangement below y level 2
    [MC-173310] - Observer powered texture doesn’t match unpowered
    [MC-173404] - Desync when mounting an entity while sneaking
    [MC-173825] - Bats break turtle eggs
    [MC-176094] - Baby zombified piglin chicken jockeys can spawn riding striders
    [MC-177336] - ‘Failed to access level’ when opening a world from a CIFS mount on Ubuntu
    [MC-177530] - The new minecraft:attributes registry is plural, while all the others are singular
    [MC-177542] - Chunk loading and saving is extremely slow when sync-chunk-writes=true
    [MC-177626] - Spruce generation is broken
    [MC-177694] - Zombified Piglin Spawn Egg is placed before Zombie Villager Spawn Egg in the creative inventory
    [MC-177712] - Nether portal blocks do not have loot tables
    [MC-177795] - Overworld music can start playing in the Nether
    [MC-177863] - Shroomlights cannot be composted
    [MC-177876] - Striders are now much rarer
    [MC-178010] - Lena Raine does not appear in credits
    [MC-178338] - Striders only get warm when lava touches their legs
    [MC-179140] - Sea guardians have an odd swimming behavior
    [MC-180603] - Wrong structures are generated in superflat worlds
    [MC-181630] - Advancement trigger “minecraft:tick” does not support standard “player” predicate
    [MC-181813] - Edit "g"ame "r"ules are not capitalized in the Game Rules menu title
    [MC-181884] - Falling quickly/Flying with Elytra/Swimming with Riptide Trident and throwing a projectile will cause it to hit the player
    [MC-182076] - Horse jumping sound is unused
    [MC-182249] - Problems with potted_cactus.json block model file
    [MC-182766] - Recipe book search function does not work if recipe book was not open before
    [MC-182909] - Esc from Customised World’s Biome selection screen kicks us back to main menu
    [MC-183018] - When sneaking while flying underwater in Creative, the player exits flying mode after a few seconds
    [MC-183402] - Tutorial doesn’t advance when breaking nether tree
    [MC-183554] - Ruined portals generated in lava lakes unnaturally displace lava, resulting in weird borders
    [MC-183588] - Stray emerald block in structure bastion/treasure/big_air_full
    [MC-183594] - The 5th large inner and outer hoglin stables do not generate in bastions
    [MC-183599] - Some hoglin stable stair structures do not generate
    [MC-183762] - Description of F3+N in help menu still describes the old functionality
    [MC-183809] - Large Oak Trees replace blocks
    [MC-183880] - Distracting baby piglins with gold grants the ‘Oh Shiny’ advancement
    [MC-183915] - Wall Heads & Skulls are slightly offset from block selection outline
    [MC-183931] - nether fortress mobs no longer spawn in extended bounding box
    [MC-183933] - show_text tellraw hover events don’t work for components that need resolving (nbt, score, selector)
    [MC-184093] - Using an end gateway teleports the player half a block too high
    [MC-184250] - Font of the enchantments displayed in the enchanting table is italic
    [MC-184608] - “Unknown biome, defaulting to plains” error upon launching the game
    [MC-184612] - Import Settings “s” isn’t capitalized
    [MC-184613] - End Stone generates in Floating Islands setting
    [MC-184644] - Cave buffet generator generates with netherrack, even if using a non-nether biome
    [MC-184653] - [Crash] “java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: value already present:” - Game crashes when worldgen dimension type presets are not unique
    [MC-184675] - Superflat void preset doesn’t have a starting platform again
    [MC-184699] - ‘/spreadplayers under’ does not prevent invalid values
    [MC-184723] - The “i” in “World Type: Floating islands” is not capitalized
    [MC-184757] - [Crash] “java.lang.NullPointerException: Ticking memory connection” on loading a dimension with debug chunk generator
    [MC-184887] - You can spawn in the bedrock ceiling of a Caves world
    [MC-184900] - Newline in tellraw adds a space at the beginning of the new line
    [MC-184984] - Game crashes after generating multiple worlds in succession
    [MC-185004] - [Crash] java.lang.NullPointerException - Crash on entering end/nether portal when dimension is removed in worldgen settings
    [MC-185164] - Bottom half of icebergs always generate at y=62 regardless of sea_level
    [MC-185285] - Entering the End or the Nether after creating and reentering a debug world crashes the game
    [MC-185299] - Villagers cannot be summoned with a specific type unless you also specify a profession
    [MC-185363] - sync-chunk-writes often takes over a minute to close a world
    [MC-185417] - Maps reset on upgrade
    [MC-185616] - Turtle eggs can’t hatch on red sand
    [MC-185949] - Copy “C” in Click to Copy to Clipboard isn’t capitalized
    [MC-186078] - Transparent items render in front of transparent blocks on some graphics cards when graphics setting is set to fabulous
    [MC-186084] - Piglin head and torso floats and detaches during celebration dance
    [MC-186085] - Player is unable to interact with the world after dismounting a boat while it’s moving
    [MC-186091] - When you stop swimming, “diving underwater” sound occurs and vision flashes
    [MC-186092] - The head of a piglin becomes offset after performing their celebration dance
    [MC-186097] - Pigs are moving very slowly
    [MC-186248] - “m” in Safe Mode button isn’t capitalized
    [MC-186263] - “b” & “l” in Create Backup & Load isn’t capitalized
    [MC-186337] - The lighting of the “Client” doesn’t correspond to that of the “Server”
    [MC-186353] - The “s” and “m” in “Edit sign message” are uncapitalized
    [MC-186403] - Swimming up on the side of flowing water no longer prevents the player from drowning
    [MC-186492] - Lily pad placement in creative mode causes item on hotbar to flicker/vanish
    [MC-186905] - "Superflat Customization" screen resets every time you open it and does not show previously saved settings
    [MC-187363] - Charged respawn anchors no longer light up blocks around them
    [MC-187367] - Netherite recipes show up in crafting table despite requiring a smithing table to use
    [MC-187371] - Game crashes when attempting to change cloud settings on some graphics cards
    [MC-187392] - Items in waterlogged stairs don’t float up high enough to be caught by a water stream above the stair
    [MC-187394] - Dying Ender dragons are rendered completely white when using Fabulous graphics
    [MC-187402] - Lighting in the End dimension is much darker when on a server
    [MC-187405] - /seed is no longer available without cheats enabled
    [MC-187411] - Particles and clouds not rendering properly behind stained glass and solid blocks
    [MC-187437] - Held item is invisible in inventory menu
    [MC-187449] - Zombie Pigmen/Zombified Piglins do not drop XP and rare drops anymore if killed by anything other than the player while in angered state
    [MC-187466] - Mobs killed in creative mode don’t drop experience
    [MC-187468] - Enchantment glint does not render for certain things on “Fabulous” setting
    [MC-187483] - The advancement “Two by Two” can be achieved by just breeding turtles
    [MC-187504] - Mobs do not drop rare drop items when killed by a player in Creative Mode
    [MC-187552] - Piglins and Hoglins shake in the nether on servers
    [MC-187585] - Dolphins with NoAI:1b can drown
    [MC-187592] - Piglins constantly picking up gold nuggets and dropping them
    [MC-187611] - White squares when in first person with fabulous video settings and F1
    [MC-187618] - Demo world not saving after saving and quitting then quiting out of minecraft
    [MC-187673] - [Crash] “java.lang.IllegalStateException: Unregistered dimension type”
    [MC-187676] - “d” in Reset to default isn’t capitalized
    [MC-187677] - “b” in Go back isn’t capitalized
    [MC-187679] - Bees stay angry far longer
    [MC-187730] - Newly spawned Zombified Piglins do not pick up the aggro of older spawned aggravated Zombified Piglins
    [MC-187739] - NeutralMob.playerDied(Player) does not return if forgiveDeadPlayers = false
    [MC-187796] - Wolves only use their hostile appearance after being attacked
    [MC-187811] - Ender dragon death animation suddenly flashes right after it has ended
    [MC-187978] - /seed availiable to all players on multiplayer server
    [MC-188070] - Glitched skin while swimming (left hand)
    [MC-188088] - Overworld superflat preset no longer generates with terrain decorations
    [MC-188216] - Superflat biome selection overrides block selection on “Create New World” screen
    [MC-188393] - K in “4k” should be capitalized

    • Made Nether Fortresses slightly more common
    • Food can now be placed on unlit campfires
    • Visibility under lava is now slightly better when under the effect of fire resistance
    • Piglins now hear you break a chest or block of gold (or similar) even if your are our of line of sight, and will assume you are stealing
    • The game will now attempt to recover worlds broken in 1.16 Pre-release 1
    • Game rule descriptions now span multiple lines if needed on the game rules screen
    • A loading screen is now displayed while the game is reading world data for loading, creating or re-creating a world

    Region files are now only opened in synchronous mode on Windows, not on other operating systems. Status of this feature can be manually controlled by the following options:
    • For dedicated servers: sync-chunk-writes within
    • For clients: syncChunkWrites within options.txt

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