Minecraft Snapshot Howto
A new snapshot server has been made available. You can use this to test new things before they end up in the release version.The server will get a new snapshot version each week. Each snapshot will get a new world so don't plan on starting large projects on this server.

You can reach the server at: snapshot.happydiggers.net:25566

These are the HappyDiggers Snapshot server rules:
  • PVP: allowed
  • Grief: allowed
  • Stealing: allowed
  • Bad language, swearing, cursing: BAN!
  • Asking for OP/mod/TP/items/materials: BAN!

Snapshot Installation Stuff
To play on this server you need to install the same snapshot as the server is running. You can see the current version in the MOTD of the snapshot server(more on this below).

Download MultiMC from https://multimc.org/
Extract MultiMC to a directory where it can stay for a while. For example: C:\Games\MultiMC
Run MultiMC. Select your language if you want. Then choose which Java to use. And set default memory allocation. I recommend setting it to 2048 and 4096 if you have a PC with 8GB of RAM.
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Then choose to enable or disable analytics. They mention this is done anonymously. But in reality, there is no such thing as anonymous analytics. If you combine data from a few sources data brokes know exactly who is who inside of an "anonymous" data set.
Name:  MultiMC - First run analytics.png
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After the first run wizard you'll end up in the main screen of MultiMC. Click on the Add Instance button.
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You will then see the Add new instance window. Here click on the small button with the 3 dots "..." then select which snapshot version you want to use:
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I usually go with the snapshot version as the name which MultiMC enters for you by default.

Now that your snapshot is ready to go, you can launch this instance. If this is your first time using MultiMC, it will ask you to enter a valid Minecraft account.
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Select Yes to enter an account now.

Name:  MultiMC - Add user account.png
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Click add, then enter your information.

Then when you launch the Minecraft instance again, MultiMC will download a bunch of files and launch the Minecraft snapshot for you.
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After Minecraft has started, select Multiplayer.
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Click the add server button.
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Give it a good name like: HappyDiggers Snapshot Server
And fill in the following Server Address: snapshot.happydiggers.net:25566
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After you click Done, you will be taken to your server list. Click on the server you just added and then click Join Server.
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Really old installation stuff in the spoiler below. Saved for posterity reasons.

Enjoy playing on the HappyDiggers Snapshot Server. If you have any questions, post them below