New Minecraft snapshot version is: 20w18a.

Fixed issues:
[MC-181296] Panorama has wrong overlay when using Programmer Art
[MC-180353] Chat background renders in front of the Debug Menu but chat text renders behind it
[MC-180299] "Elytra" in "Disable Elytra movement check" is inconsistently capitalized
[MC-180248] The "g" in "Upgrade gear" is not capitalized
[MC-180246] The "r" in "Game rules" is not capitalized
[MC-180138] Long messages in chat no longer have hanging indention
[MC-180135] Empty chat messages are not displayed
[MC-180125] Incorrect font spacing on non-BMP characters
[MC-180110] Underline and strikethrough in JSON text don't always render correctly
[MC-180100] Rain particles appear black under certain conditions
[MC-180030] Adult hoglins zombified into an adult zoglin deals the same damage as a baby
[MC-179954] Keybindings are not correctly inserted into the demo info box text
[MC-179952] Height map data doesn't get converted
[MC-179905] Caption of game rule screen is missing
[MC-179886] Play button overlay doesn't appear in worldsave selection GUI
[MC-179883] Raw JSON text duplicates components in "extra" in entity names
[MC-179868] Crash when going to a previous page of writable books
[MC-179866] In some spots, it is raining even if it should be snowing
[MC-179863] Setting attribute minecraft:generic.max_health value to 0 or lower causes an infinite death loop after dying
[MC-179858] Maps show stone-like pattern despite it not being there
[MC-179850] There is no difference between Entity Distance 100% and 500%
[MC-179847] Hoglins and Piglins spin around
[MC-179845] Rain falls through any blocks in some spots
[MC-179841] Game crashes when you optimize your world
[MC-179839] Chat text renders behind the armor bar
[MC-178949] Bastion Remnants cannot be generated in in superflat worlds
[MC-178943] Piglins/hoglins spawned in bastion remnants can outrun players
[MC-178817] "Chain Blocks" don't have a "waterlogged" state
[MC-178336] The message "You have no home bed or respawn anchor, or it was obstructed" doesn't make it clear that your respawn anchor might have been depleted
[MC-178129] Entity conversion subtitles use inconsistent tenses
[MC-178013] Zombified Piglins riding striders can despawn, leaving saddled striders
[MC-177976] Baby piglins can pick up soul campfires
[MC-177951] Game crashes when fire starters are used on a non-campfire in the #campfires tag
[MC-177911] Cave generator doesn't cut through blackstone
[MC-177816] Failed to access/delete level should be "world"
[MC-177794] Globe Banner Pattern is not required to add the globe to a banner
[MC-177790] Piglin Banners are named block.minecraft.banner.piglin.[<colour>]
[MC-177771] "death.attack.fireworks.item" displays raw translation string (is untranslated)
[MC-177561] Compasses used on the top of lodestone at y=255 do not break when the lodestone is destroyed
[MC-177173] Baby Zoglin age status value is not stored in the NBT tag.
[MC-177127] Unnecessary exclamation point in subtitle "End Portal opens!"
[MC-177105] Piglins, hoglins, zoglins and villagers look at their target's feet instead of its head
[MC-176468] Adult striders can spawn with saddles
[MC-176459] Baby striders can spawn with saddles
[MC-176203] Striders with Levitation walking on Lava don't levitate
[MC-176135] Striders riding other entities are not cold
[MC-176054] Baby strider passengers float / passenger offset is too high
[MC-176032] Striders can float
[MC-176028] Striders can spawn in stacks of three or more
[MC-175741] Game crashes when a cat attempts to sleep in a non-bed in the #beds tag
[MC-175740] Game crashes when dispenser is used on non-beehive block in #beehives tag
[MC-175107] It's possible to get Bad Omen VI in Survival mode
[MC-174811] Zombified piglins are able to spawn on top of nether wart blocks
[MC-174593] Inconsistent pluralisation in "fell off a scaffolding"
[MC-174573] Nether vines can drop multiple copies with fortune (free duplication)
[MC-173747] Armor enchantment glint doesn't render
[MC-173385] New Nether lighting system doesn't affect fluids, entity-like blocks (chests, etc.) and entities
[MC-173198] Target blocks are transparent and do not transfer redstone signals
[MC-173067] NullPointerException when a structure containing a campfire is placed during world generation
[MC-172253] Equip sound doesn't play when Piglins equip items
[MC-172172] Adult piglins spin around while following the player
[MC-171523] Inconsistent strings for warped and crimson wall signs
[MC-170944] /locatebiome messages do not fit for all biome names
[MC-170840] Broken spawn rates in soul sand valleys and warped forests
[MC-166296] Mobs picking up and equipping items does not play the equipping sound
[MC-166269] Wet wolves become black for an instant after shaking off water
[MC-162385] The background of the title text does not fade with the text
[MC-147255] Beds in the overworld will explode if in a nether wastes biome
[MC-143904] Adding a non-rail block to the "rails" block tag will crash the game when placing a minecart on it
[MC-111381] Rendering rotations for shulkers are set in onInitialSpawn method
[MC-11211] Unable to perform many right click actions when targeting the top face of blocks placed at y=255