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    HappyDiggers Snapshot Server

    Minecraft Snapshot Howto
    A new snapshot server has been made available. You can use this to test new things before they end up in the release version.The server will get a new snapshot version each week. Each snapshot will get a new world so don't plan on starting large projects on this server.

    You can reach the server at:

    These are the HappyDiggers Snapshot server rules:
    • PVP: allowed
    • Grief: allowed
    • Stealing: allowed
    • Bad language, swearing, cursing: BAN!
    • Asking for OP/mod/TP/items/materials: BAN!

    Snapshot Installation Stuff
    To play on this server you need to install the same snapshot as the server is running. You can see the current version in the MOTD of the snapshot server(more on this below).

    Download MultiMC from
    Extract MultiMC to a directory where it can stay for a while. For example: C:\Games\MultiMC
    Run MultiMC. Select your language if you want. Then choose which Java to use. And set default memory allocation. I recommend setting it to 2048 and 4096 if you have a PC with 8GB of RAM.
    Name:  MultiMC - First run Java and memory.png
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Size:  33.9 KB

    Then choose to enable or disable analytics. They mention this is done anonymously. But in reality, there is no such thing as anonymous analytics. If you combine data from a few sources data brokes know exactly who is who inside of an "anonymous" data set.
    Name:  MultiMC - First run analytics.png
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Size:  44.6 KB

    After the first run wizard you'll end up in the main screen of MultiMC. Click on the Add Instance button.
    Name:  MultiMC - Add Instance button.png
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    You will then see the Add new instance window. Here click on the small button with the 3 dots "..." then select which snapshot version you want to use:
    Name:  MultiMC - Add Instance information.png
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Size:  79.3 KB
    I usually go with the snapshot version as the name which MultiMC enters for you by default.

    Now that your snapshot is ready to go, you can launch this instance. If this is your first time using MultiMC, it will ask you to enter a valid Minecraft account.
    Name:  MultiMC - No accounts.png
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    Select Yes to enter an account now.

    Name:  MultiMC - Add user account.png
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    Click add, then enter your information.

    Then when you launch the Minecraft instance again, MultiMC will download a bunch of files and launch the Minecraft snapshot for you.
    Name:  MultiMC - Getting files.png
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Size:  20.7 KB

    After Minecraft has started, select Multiplayer.
    Name:  Minecraft - Multiplayer button.png
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    Click the add server button.
    Name:  Minecraft - Add server button.png
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    Give it a good name like: HappyDiggers Snapshot Server
    And fill in the following Server Address:
    Name:  Minecraft - Server information.png
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Size:  42.6 KB

    After you click Done, you will be taken to your server list. Click on the server you just added and then click Join Server.
    Name:  Minecraft - Server browser.png
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    Really old installation stuff in the spoiler below. Saved for posterity reasons.

    Enjoy playing on the HappyDiggers Snapshot Server. If you have any questions, post them below

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    I made a b00h00 and accidentally deleted the whole thread. So here's to new beginnings :B

    Later this week Minecraft 1.3.2 will be released. In order to get everybody ready Mojang has made 1.3.2 available as a pre-relase. It addresses several issues:

    • Fixed the falling-out-of-Nether bug
    • Fixed the random-suffocation-damage bug
    • Various uncommon crash bugs

    The snapshot server has been updated with the latest and greatest 1.3.2 pre-release. It also has a brand new world so go nuts!

    You can get the client here:

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    Deleted a topic on accident... #swag

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    A new snapshot has been released that brings some new cool features!

    • Added item frames
    • Added cobblestone walls (yes, mossy too)
    • Maps now align to a grid, making it easier to create adjacent maps. Maps can also be cloned
    • Stairs now auto-arrange into corners. This is a test and may change based on feedback
    • Mobs can travel through portals
    • Leather clothes can be dyed
    • Removed the “wip block” from the creative menu
    • Added two new crops and associated items
    • F3+P will toggle the auto-pause when the window loses focus (it’s for debugging, mainly)
    • F3+H will toggle detailed item descriptions (also for debugging)
    • Added arrow-sensitive wooden buttons
    • Trapdoors can be placed in top-most position (based on cross-hair aim)

    I'm curious to see how the mobs going through teleporters work. Maybe now we can finally get some more ghats in the overworld

    The Snapshot Server has been updated with this snapshot, and you can download the client here:

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    A new snapshot yesterday, a new snapshot today! This one fixes a couple of bugs.

    • Fixed item frame crashes
    • Fixed nether portal stuff
    • Changed recipes for buttons
    • Minor armor gfx changes

    You can download 12w34b here:

    The server has been updated with the new snapshot and is ready to go.

    Also, the new features they're putting are really cool. I can't wait to see the new mob in action.
    Check this out:

    It's not in the game yet, right now it has to be hacked in. But, wow, that's awesome!

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    Last week I didn't update the snapshot server due to being on vacation and not having enough wifi to do anything useful.

    Today the snapshot server has been updated to 12w37a. You can download the client here:

    There have been a lot of cool changes since the last snapshot:

    • Tweaks to the Wither. He continues to be refined - this time, with a bit of nasty self-defense.
    • Carrots are now carrot, and added new food item.
    • Tweaks to a couple of item sprites. Specifically, Bread, Raw Chicken, Cooked Chicken, Raw Beef, Steak, Raw Porkchop, Cooked Porkchop, Red Apple, and Nether Star no longer have a dark outline. Golden Carrot now matches the carrot, and heads are centered properly.
    • Leather armor now has a non-dyed layer.
    • Superflat customization options. It now comes with 7 presets: Classic Flat, Tunnelers' Dream, Water World, Overworld, Snowy Kingdom, Bottomless Pit, and Desert. Also, Custom starts off with Classic Flat with three options: Add Layer, Edit Layer, Remove Layer. Adding and editing are NYI.
    • Pigs are now able to jump when players ride on them.
    • Added /clear command to empty the inventory.
    • Evil mobs are now a little bit more fearless in hard difficulty.
    • And more bug fixes.


    • A new scary decoration block.
    • The “secret” from previous snapshots is now spawnable.
    • A new mob variant in the Nether.
    • Minor changes to the leather dye (the colors will attempt to maintain intensity, and not dilute as much).
    • The “work in progress block” is now called “Beacon”.
    • Carrot on a stick!
    • And, of course, numerous bug fixes.

    As always the snapshot server has a brand new map for you guys to play on and experiment with

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    Two snapshots this week adding more exciting stuff


    • /say command works again
    • Updated sound engine and added minecart sound effects
    • Various other sound effect changes
    • A few tweaks to the witch mob


    • Nether loads faster when going through a portal
    • In creative mode, teleportation is instantaneous
    • Updated and added new sounds by C418
    • Added a sound for climbing up Ladders
    • New block-placing sounds: Wood, Stone, Plants, Sand, Gravel, although unintended by C418
    • New footstep sounds: Sand, Gravel, Soulsand, Grass Block, and Stone
    • New mob sounds: Cow, Pigs, Enderman, Zombie, and Skeleton
    • New tool sounds: Flint and Steel, Shears (when shearing sheep)
    • Lava and Flowing Water now have constant noise
    • Added level up sound, but will be changed later for a shorter one
    • Added a passive mob (Bat). Spawns in dark caves. Sleeps during the day. Hangs on the ceiling when idle, starts flying when players come near
    • Added a hostile mob (Witch). Throws splash potions of poison, slowness, weakness and instant damage at you. Regenerate health over time. Hold an empty bottle and rise their noses when attacking. Drink potions of instant health and fire resistance to defend themselves in combat. Rarely drop potions of instant health and fire resistance. Is immune to some splash potions. Does not spawn naturally (yet), but a Spawn Egg exists for it in Creative Mode
    • Command block target parameters have been upgraded, click here for details
    • Beacon artwork was changed
    • The beam of light was changed
    • Item Frames no longer despawn when 20 blocks away.
    • Wood blocks are now rotated differently. Instead of using the player’s position, it will rotate based on the face it is placed upon, like a lever (this is mainly a test).
    • Silverfish Source Blocks have a chance of spawning in caves

    The snapshot server has a brand new map. This time spawn is located at the intersection of three biomes.

    You can download the latest client here:

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    The people at Mojang are hard at work to get Minecraft 1.4 out the door. Here's what's new:


    • Added a new Anvil block for repairing, merging & naming items.Three different damage states: Anvil, Slightly Damaged Anvil, and Very Damaged Anvil.
    • Renamed Chat Settings to Multiplayer Settings
    • Contains the old chat settings menu
    • Option for cape-owners to hide their capes ingame
    • Tweaks to debugging
    • F3+H now shows tool and armor durability on damaged items
    • Now shows which cardinal direction the player is facing on the f value
    • The pie chart on the F3 overlay is now shown when opening it using shift+F3 instead of vice versa
    • Mobs no longer forget that they are aggressive against a player in Creative mode after a few seconds anymore
    • Creepers now can have custom explosion radius and fuse timer using edited mob spawners and NBT tags (ExplosionRadius & Fuse)
    • Effects given by the Beacon will be less intrusive on the screen
    • Level-up sound now only plays every 5 levels
    • Gaining experience from breeding animals.


    • Added huts for the witch in swamps
    • Added superflat preset "Redstone Ready" with a 52 layers of sandstone, 3 layers of stone, and 1 layer of bedrock
    • Flatworld configuration now allows you to generate trees, strongholds etc
    • Now pumpkins, tall grass, flowers, trees, mineshafts, dungeons, strongholds, lakes, desert wells, ravines and ores will spawn on superflat maps
    • A number of new NBT tags for items (intended for custom map makers)
    • Better inventory management
    • The pick block action now works on items
    • Pressing the 1-9 hotkeys while hovering over an item will put that item into the inventory bar
    • In creative mode, you can now shift-click items from the hotbar to the survival inventory screen
    • The left-click action will no longer open doors, pull levers, push buttons or open trapdoors. Use the right mouse button!
    • Firespread has been slightly nerfed again to prevent infinitely spreading fires
    • Beacon Texture altered, as well as the beam.
    • Slimes now spawn in Swamps at night.

    Bug fixes:

    • Fixed the wither's starting explosion not being disabled by the mobGriefing gamerule
    • Fixed a few crash bugs related to world generation, map item expansion, and other things
    • Reverted previous lighting changes, which corrected such bugs as:
    • The Nether being extremely CPU intensive.
    • Map generation taking extremely long.
    • Fixed mob AI considering cobblestone walls as blocks of normal height
    • Fixed a few texture oddities with the witch
    • Fixed entities in water producing glitchy water sound
    • Gaining multiple levels at a time will no longer play the leveling up sound over itself as many times as leveled.
    • Fixed the "A 64 bit Java installation is recommended for 'Far' render distance (you have 32 bit)" message being covered by the bottom 2 buttons
    • Fixed pets teleporting around randomly
    • Fixed being unable to place paintings larger than 1x2 and them popping off if they have been placed before
    • Fixed destroying blocks under you with Efficiency-enchanted gear
    • Fixed potion spawners crashing the game

    You can download the latest client here:

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    It's crunch-time at Mojang and that means that the new 1.4 release is comming close!

    They're releasing the snapshot early this week so they can get their work done faster.

    This week's changes are as follows:

    • Anvil block has been tweaked (it’s cheaper to create, minor visual changes, and you can repair tools using wood/ingots/diamonds)
    • Bats no longer trample crops or trigger pressure plates
    • Redstone repeaters can be “locked” (fixed output) by having a powered repeater connected to its left or right side
    • Added an option to hide a server’s IP address
    • Updated language files
    • More bugfixes & tweaks!

    You can get the latest client here:

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    Good news everyone

    1.4 pre-release is out!

    This pre-release will be the same as the final 1.4 that will be released in about a week or so. This wil give modders time to update their plugins.

    Since the snapshot yesterday we’ve fixed some bugs that were reported, as well as including new sound effects for the Wither, bats, the anvil and finally the Ender Dragon!
    You can download the latest snapshot here:

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