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    Making new server?

    Hi guys, I'm thinking about making a new server after the 1.4 update which I think is coming in January. Please let me know if you have any ideas for it. I will update this thread every once in a while.

    Current ideas:
    1. A Towny server? I was very inspired by DOM's towny server, I like the rules and the basic rules for towns and nations.

    2. ?

    Current Server Town ideas:
    1. Buildings: Jail, ZD Tower (Z dimensional Tower) for portals (like Aurora tower), Town spawn, HFC areas (Built Houses For Sale), Hotel, Shop (more details for shop below), and an Arena.

    2. Shop items:
    (natural stuff) 1rst floor: oak wood planks, jungle wood planks, tundra wood planks, spruce wood planks, birch wood, sand, sandstone, dirt, stone, cobblestone, diamond, gold ingot, iron ingot, lapis lazuli blocks, emerald, redstone, gravel, sticks, wool, snow blocks.

    (armor, weapons, and most crafted stuff) 2nd floor: oak wood saplings, jungle wood saplings, tundra wood saplings, spruce wood saplings, birch wood saplings, sandstone1, sandstone2, glass, obsidian, stone bricks, iron sword, iron pickaxe, iron spade, iron axe, iron breastplate, iron leggings, iron helmet, iron boots, diamond breastplate, diamond leggings, diamond helmet, diamond boots, leather tunic, leather leggings, leather cap, leather boots.

    (nether and end, food, and other.) 3rd floor: glowstone, netherrack, netherbrick, netherbrick fence, soul sand, endstone, eye of ender, ender pearl, ender chest, end portal (VERY expensive), melon blocks, melon seeds, cooked porkchop, raw porkchop, wheat, apples, bread, jukebox, enchantment table.

    3. Server nation name: Utopia. Server town name: TakodaZ.

    Other info:
    I will use single player and make TakodaZ in it. I will take pics of it. Tell me if you like it.
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