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    What happened to Towny server? Do not see my town, my house ... where is everything?

    Hi all,
    What a surprise I got when I logged onto Towny today and did not recognize a thing. Where is my awesome Utopia Town? And my house, and all the items I had saved in my chests and in my store? Bring it baaack pleeease. How do I get it back?

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    The old maps are still archived. They will be accessible when I decide what to do with them. (Multiverse or Download)

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    I just had an idea. We could set up an archive server of sorts. Every time we start a new map on the current 'Towny' server, we move the old map to the archive server and leave it there as an additional world with Multiverse.

    The idea is that people can still go back to what has been build in the past, but most players will probably like the new map/server more and play there. I kind of like the idea of having everything that's been build preserved, but not letting it bog down the new server or new server ideas.

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    I like your idea InsaneJ. Do you think you can implement this idea, DOM? Thanks.

    PS. DOM, can you put some No-PVP areas in your town for sale?

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