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    DOM'S Server Lets Play

    I am starting a new series on Youtube that will be a lets play on Dom's Towny Server so just to let you guys know i will be doing that on Youtube as a lets play i will be uploading every weekend my YT channel is ryanyo0007 it had to be three 0's because someone else took my username so i upliaded my first vid this morning you can go check it out if you guys want
    thanks guys i hope to be uploading a lot more often

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    I haven't looked at your vidieo(s) yet. But how about posting a direct link to your youtube channel or videos?

    Or you could even post your videos on the forum by using the [ VIDEO ] or [ YOUTUBE ] codes

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    Yea sure I'm not at my computer right now but my YouTube channel Is

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    I've just watched your video. Nice work

    Really loving the Vanilla server accident anecdote, I had almost forgotten it had ever happened

    Since you haven't posted a link people can click on, I'll embed your first video here:

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