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    Just a couple things about the towny server...

    ok one issue with the server is that whenever i try to jump while sprinting i get set back like 1 block and it does not do that on any other past server so i think is has something to do with anticheat so that would be cool if it was fixed also one more thing i always try to jump across something that is more that one block it sends me straight down to the bottom one time i tried to parkour across a ravine i nailed the jump but i got sent straight down to the bottom so i think that has something to do with the jumping bug so if that could be possible to fix that would be fantastic also the towny server is down but that has nothing to do with beastnode its just a mojang thing so in the morning you will have a update so update and you should be good to play on any servers thank you all

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    Anticheat is not the problem. It might be a 1.3.1 bug, but there is not a recommended build of 1.3.2 out yet. So... everyone (incuding me!) will have to deal with this problem for a while...

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