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    It is I of the server the wander of places

    Hello one and all it is once again I demi posting on ye yonder thread. With the new server up and the first clash of griefers come and gone as it were it was nice to do a little exploring around the place and see a few of the towns that recovered after words.

    But what about the plans I had well for now they will be on hold till I get back to the states. Till then I will simply be the wandering mod and forum lucker that I am. As such if you are having any issues feel free to message me, post them or mail me in game. I will be able to log on roughly each day now to last check for anything and do a bit of chatting and digging.

    So with much luck and great builds to you all know I may be lurking around your town and who knows I may take pictures of my visits as I go by and preview them here with thoughts if you like. Also if there are any server issues I can help a little bit as a mod but if possible try the others who will be online before me. for forums issues then feel free to bug me. ^.^
    \"To never ask is to never know,
    To never know is to be lost,
    And to be lost you never asked.\"

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    RE: It is I of the server the wander of places

    Have fun on your travels. We will try to bug you as often as possible as to make sure you'll miss us all

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    RE: It is I of the server the wander of places

    Why not? :P

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