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    Lightbulb News Update on my server creation

    UPDATE: I do not think I'll have to wait until January to make my server. I might be able to create it sooner! Please let me know if you have any recommendations for my future server soon!

    Current ideas:
    1. A Towny server? I was very inspired by DOM's towny server, I like the rules and the basic rules for towns and nations.

    2. A Haunted Mansion will open at the server creation celebration (3 days after the server is created)

    3. Ordeal: After someone figures out all the responsibilities of a moderator or an administrator, they can go through an Ordeal (with my permission). Ordeal Part 1 (Trust and Skillfulness): Whats in Part 1 will remain secret. Ordeal Part 2 (Survival and Justice): One thing they will have to go through is having to survive 10 Minecraft days straight in a colossal dome (100 by 100 cannot dig underneath as it goes all the way to bedrock) that is filled with the following kinds of monsters: zombie pigmen, skeletons, ghasts, cave spiders, creepers, slimes, and endermen. Ordeal Part 3 (Bravery and Strength) Obviously you have to battle. But what and how many will remain secret.

    3. The first 10 people to join the server will be granted materials for a house, a watermelon block, and permission to enter the Ordeal...OR given 30 dollars each

    4. Ranks: 1. Newbie (just starting out in server) 2. Regular (a home, food, tools, and at least 15 dollars) 3. Upper class (Iron armor, a somewhat large house, a watermelon farm, has at least 40 dollars, is in a town, and has at least stone tools) 4. Gold class (Diamond pickaxe, a large house, is at least an assistant mayor of a town, has at least 60 dollars, and owns a nether portal) (an admin automatically starts as this class) 5. Diamond Rank (diamond armor, all tools are iron or more powerful, has at least 100 dollars, has a mansion, owns a town, and is well-known)

    5. Town status: 1. Settlement 2. Small town 3. Large town 4. City 5. State

    Current Server Town ideas:
    1. Buildings: Jail, XD Tower for portals (like a combination of Aurora Tower and the Taj Mahal), Town spawn, HFC areas (Built Houses For Sale), Hotel, Shop (more details for shop below), and an Arena.

    2. Shop items:
    (natural stuff) 1rst floor: oak wood planks, jungle wood planks, tundra wood planks, spruce wood planks, birch wood, sand, sandstone, dirt, stone, cobblestone, diamond, gold ingot, iron ingot, lapis lazuli blocks, emerald, redstone, gravel, sticks, wool, snow blocks.

    (armor, weapons, and most crafted stuff) 2nd floor: oak wood saplings, jungle wood saplings, tundra wood saplings, spruce wood saplings, birch wood saplings, sandstone1, sandstone2, glass, obsidian, stone bricks, iron sword, iron pickaxe, iron spade, iron axe, iron breastplate, iron leggings, iron helmet, iron boots, diamond breastplate, diamond leggings, diamond helmet, diamond boots, leather tunic, leather leggings, leather cap, leather boots.

    (nether and end, food, and other.) 3rd floor: glowstone, netherrack, netherbrick, netherbrick fence, soul sand, endstone, eye of ender, ender pearl, ender chest, end portal (VERY expensive), melon blocks, melon seeds, cooked porkchop, raw porkchop, wheat, apples, bread, jukebox, enchantment table.

    3. Server nation name: Utopia. Server town name: Unovaz.

    4. Server town theme: Regal (palaces), Modern (shopping mall), and Creative (rockets, castles in the sky, underwater bases, etc.)

    The following people are invited to join the server and do not need my permission to join:


    Other info:
    I will use single player and make Unovaz in it. I will take pics of it. Tell me if you like it.
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