The old Vanilla server was running since Minecraft 1.2. It had grown over 2GB in size and eventually even got upgraded to a Bukkit server with some mods to help protect the server against grief. A lot of players have played on the Vanilla server, some still do, others have moved on.

In the past we have experimented with the whitelist for the Vanilla server. We had a whitelist application form where people could just ask to be let on the server. We have tried using a lot of mods to regulate the server and to be able to undo grief. But everything we've tried has pretty much failed in keeping it a pure vanilla server that was fun to play on for everybody.

Today we have started a brand new Vanilla server. It's completely up to date running Minecraft 1.3.2. The server runs without any mods. That means no Bukkit, no CoreProtect, no World Edit, no Lockette and no Dynmap. But most importantly, this means no lag caused by the server either! The server will have 2 ops: wordie101 and myself. Dom has opted to only play there as a regular player. There are no moderators.

The server is again whitelisted. And again we are trying a new approach for this. The whitelist is invite only and we are going to try to invite a maximum of one player per month. Hopefully this way we can properly screen new players and prevent any problems in the future.

The current whitelist is very shot compared to the old one. That means a lot of people who previously had access to the Vanilla server now do not. Basically what we've done is made a short list of people who we feel added the most to the server and who were most active. If you are not currently on the whitelist and would like to be on it, then the best thing for you to do is to be a good player on any of our other public servers. We will only invite people who we like and who haven't caused problems.

The current whitelist is:

The IP for the new server is the same as the old:

The old map will be transferred to a new server I'm going to set up in the near future. This will be an archive or history server of sorts. This server is going to host the old maps we used to play on so people can look back at everything that has been accomplished. The old Towny maps are also going to be hosted there.

We hope you enjoy playing on the new Vanilla server