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    Share your opinion!

    We were thinking to make a Tekkit server in the last days but need to know also what people want to see in it. First of all I was thinking to use LWC as the general chest protection since Lockete will interfere with stuff like pipes conducts etc. In the second place using (MAYBE) McMmo to make more like an rpg feeling.

    The last thing we need to clarify is that what kind of plugin to use for land protection.
    Here you have to choose between: TOWNY
    PS: Vote the Poll.

    IF you choose towny it will be kind of a Towny Tekkit Server but if you are bored of what towny has to offer you can look around at factions which will give you a nice "war" experience over time and some other cool options. So choose your favorite and we shall see the results.

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    What do you mean tekkit/towny or tekkit/factions are you trying to get rid of the towny server all together?, Or will it be a different server?

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    The current Towny server isn't going anywhere, don't worry

    Marius' been nagging me to set up a Tekkit server for some time now. So I finally caved and I said I'll set one up. But I want some input first, hence this thread. The question Marius is asking is what plugin to use to protect plots.

    But if you have any other ideas or things you'd like to see on a Tekkit server, please share them

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    Factions. Please, please faction.

    Honestly, it's better than towny.

    More options, still simple (usually), and is awesome. Though it does seem more like a pvp thing.

    Also, with tekkit being a singleplayer mod as well, do you need it installed?

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    Yes, you need the modified client to play on a Tekkit server.

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    Ok, Well thats sounds fine either or is fine to me, Since i already have im neutral

    Anyway, do you have to have the 1 with forge modloader and stuff and Why is the towny server down is dom away or something?

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    Don't know about the forge modloader. Marius?

    As for the Towny server, you can read all about why it's down here. Short story shorter: it'll be reachable for everybody again within a day

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    The forge modloader is a plugin that started first as a mod loading system for the server side. That is similar to the spout plugin seen on bukkit. So you need forge to be able to run some of the mods (like a platform that allows mods to use their own custom sounds, items and stuff like this.)

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