i first started playing on my friends account a little while he had testing in the first one as soon as i played i fell in love with that server it was the first one. my first friend was fireseed i met him he gave me food and welcomed me i was muted for no reason and he slayed me till i talked the n i spoke to him by a sign lol. but anyways the second server i was switching between skyrim and ravenwood then i met ryan and insanej, insanej helped me move over to ravenwood mupej and insanej used to live in skyrim too and this is before j was ever a op or mod just a donator then me, mupej, and insane were right next to each other i loved both towns and loved helping marius49 and ryanyo007 out with there towns i probably switched through those two towns 20 times and made a creeper church in skyrim too lol. then in the 3rd server i had lived with love4games we were bros he finally could get a minecraft account and until then he played on my account it was the vanilla server that insane had created while we were waiting
the new bukkit at first me and my bro fooled around i missed out on a great journey with mar and the rest of the group but i stay with my bro we lived with wordie, then suddenly my account had gotten hacked so i waited for the next oppertunity. finally we were on to the next server the actuall towny 1.2.5 i had fun on that one helping alturia marius with their town marius and i had created one magnificent castle then he made a nation we made a tomb and it was big near a mountain island again my account had gotten hacked i was angry and i waited 3 months and got the money hoping my accounts safe and playing minecraft it took me to while to get the assistant and what i had had before. finally dom had decided to update at first i was sad but i trusted dom and i was eager to see wats new i made a house on a mountain marius and i were planning to make a town near spawn then we ended up in our friends town the spot was amazing i loved how i had so much time to play with these awesome people and amazing maps but only if it could last the only this i didnt like about the new server was that it had money we could accidently lose or be stolen as an item but i still loved that i had this server.until Now i had extraordinary experiences on this server.

ALL IN ALL I Came Here To say farewell Towny Server
AND May u Rest In Cyber Space :l