I had wished i had been on the first server but sadly i had not really played on multiplayer on minecraft untill i knew about doms from RJS so i just have to say Doms has really changed my life about everything if i had not known about doms i would still be alone in my single player world. I would have never gotten my awesome new computer if it wasnt for Dom's. I probly wouldnt even be interested in gaming if it wasnt for Dom's. so i just wanted to say thank you to everyone for changing my life for this server I would have nothing to do and be boring and not have met as many friends that i have met all because of doms so, thank you everyone for being there for me and being my friends and the amazing and awesome admins and evryone... thanks for an amazing life changer. I am sad to see that towny is going down but as long as HappyDiggers NEVER goes down im OK i will be starting a couple of new MC series on my YoutTube channel and one of them is on the vanilla server soi just want to say that if the vanilla server never gets shut down or map change at least for a really long time so thank you all again for everything espeasially to all the admins, mods, and all my friends i have known on this server for a long time. thank you