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    New Logo For HappyDiggers (Just Let Me Know What You Think)

    Hey everyone I wanted to create a logo for when i record on any happy diggers server for my Youtube channel so just lemme know what you guys think i know i did horrible on the pick and shovel
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    That looks great for a youtube splash!

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    That is your skin right dom? because I thought you were indiana jones...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryanyo007 View Post
    That is your skin right dom? because I thought you were indiana jones...
    I decided to make him look like me IRL.

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    Interesting. Looks nice

    Also, dom, is the shirt green because it's your favorite color, or so it would be a creeper?

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    That's awesome

    If you'd like I can get you a high-res version of the HappyDiggers logo. Also, I'd consider only using the lower half of it so it gets an aspect ratio of 16:9 or 16:10 which is also what you should then be recording at. Move the logo, the players and their names up just a little bit so they get more space. And maybe fill in the letters of the names with another color then the background so it has better contrast

    But whatever you decide to do, I like it a lot and am looking forward to your videos. You've made my day already ^^

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    Green is my favorite color. And I also own that shirt IRL. Hahaha

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