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Thread: Slime?

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    Does anyone know where there is a slime spawner becuz i made one and it don't work,

    I only need 6 balls of slime and will give 2 stacks of bone for them

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    RE: Slime?

    Be sure you've actually made your farm in a slime chunk. :l

    if so, they do take some time to spawn. They have a 90% bailout when spawning, and wont spawn when the hostile mob limit is already reached. You need to "prompt" them into spawning.

    1 - Clear out a 16x16x3 spawning room in your selected slime chunk. You may build several floors up to level 40 if you wish.

    2 - Light up the room(s), either by placing torches or putting glowstone in the roof( you need to have a two thick floor/roof to do so though).

    3 - Light up as many nearby caves as physically possible.

    4 - If slimes still arent spawning, or are spawning very very rarely, Light up the surface around your slime farm. trust me, it works :l

    5 - Be more then 26? + blocks away from the slime chunk.

    6 - if slimes arent spawning, you probably haven't built in the farm in a slime chunk :l

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    RE: Slime?

    Man i built my slime farm a day ago and when i finished it a BIG slime just spawned and I just got 12 slime balls

    If u want u can come and see how I did it its not 2 hard to make 1.
    And if u need help making urs work just talk to me when im on .

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