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    Rate the Last Movie You Watched

    Transformers on Blu-Ray.

    The awkward Sam Witwicky curled my toes as he struggled to look cool and impress the girl. Which of course he does by his whole saving the world thing by running across a war zone with a cube and then killing the evil robot boss at the end :B

    I'd give it a solid 7/10 because as terrible as the plot is. The movie does have Optimus Prime in it. So yeah, added bonus points for Optimus. Also, Bumblebee is awesome

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    I love Bumblebee! Especially that bit where because his severed legs he's hanging off the back of a truck and together with chicky takes care of all the bad guys, and when he's done, he lifts on of the flaps in front of his face, as if to say "How did we do? We did good, right?" Cute!

    So, as that is also the movie I saw last, since we watched it together, I will rate the movie I saw before that, which was The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

    The story is about a man who is born as an 80-year-old and dies at 80 as a baby.
    I thought it was quite impressive and intriguing. At times I felt it went a little long (166 minutes), but a lot of the special effects made up for it. I still want to see the 'behind the scenes' specials, to see how they did the aging (young and old), because that was really impressive.
    They used some flash-forwards to the present to add another interesting branch of the story line.
    All in all, I'd give this movie a 6/10, because of how long stretched the movie is, but it's definitely worth a rainy cold night and a hot cocoa.
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    Last movie I watched was Indie Game: The Movie.

    It was really good and gave a view of what goes on in a indie developer's life. Including going crazy... It was really good. If you have netflix I recommend watching it.


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