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    Search for my old Friend

    Im Looking for Pernix_8D If anyone has infomation about him or if he still plays on DoMs Server Please tell me I want to play together we played together for ages than we got split when Dom made a new server. If anyone knows his skype could you tell him that wasd5009 (reg) Is looking for you

    -Thanks Reg

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    Pern still plays on our servers

    You can try sending him a PM through this forum to get in touch with him. You could also sign up for the whitelist to our Small World server if you like, he also plays there. And if we like playing with you, we may consider you for the whitelist to our Vanilla and Feed The Beast servers where he also plays.

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    Oh Awesome I Think it's better if I sign up for the white list to your small world server. Its better to talk in the game!

    -Thanks Insane

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    Cool, hope to see you there

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    Ah, I remember you! Well, I think I do...

    Well, what j said has no error.

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    DEMMAN! I rember you, you came to our mountain resort once and had a swim. Now that you mention it you came tons of times

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    Haven't seen you in a while, Reg.

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