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  • Play in Beta Pack A and keep the map (no updates)

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  • Update to MindCrack Pack and keep map (hopefully)

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  • Update to MIndCrack Pack and start over

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  • Update to MindCrack and keep the map AND change configs

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  • Update to MindCrack and start ove r AND change configs

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    The Future of Feed The Beast

    You may have seen this already, but for those that have not.

    Slowpoke speaks to Docm about where FTB is going to be going in the future:

    The video is a bit long, and it takes a while before they get to the interesting bit. But please watch it if you can

    They discuss the upcoming release of FTB. There will be a lot of exciting new things added, a lot of things get fixed and a couple of plugins will be more balanced.

    Which brings me to the reason of this thread. Ryan asked me yesterday if I was going to start a new map when the new FTB comes out. I said I had no intention of destroying the current world.

    But seeing that video I'm not so sure you guys would want to keep playing on the current map. We've just started playing on the current map so changing to a new map shouldn't bring too much hassle for everyone. I can move your stuff from the current world to a new one. I will leave this decision to you guys though. I haven't done much on the FTB server so I don't have to say goodbye to any cool builds/machines/bases/etc. I am excited for the things they're adding in the new version though so I'm for a new world. But again, I will leave this to you guys who have been playing on the server more

    So what do you think? Keep on going with the current world? Or start a new one? (with the option of me moving your stuff if you want)

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    If you can get the small important amount of stuff we all gathered till now I'm all OK; all that includes machines and some complex stuff like DOM's diamond farm should remain for peoples happiness .

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    If I run the map in singleplayer with world edit installed, I think I can make schematics that I can then put back in the new map.

    It would take a bit of time, but it's doable. Just keep in mind that if I copy builds, they might not fit nicely into a new area. Of course with the diamond factory this doesn't really matter since it's all underground. But if anyone wants to move their house this is something to keep in mind. You may have to clean it up afterwards

    Moving chests is much easier. I was thinking of moving everybody's chests to spawn. Then everybody goes off and find a new place to build, and then move their chests there. With a little help this is then just a matter of TP-ing a couple of times.

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    I asked Dom about this awhile ago and he said we should move all our stuff to the nether then close the server and create a new overworld.

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    In my opinion, I think that we should just install the new features and see if the world will generate correctly. If it does not, then we should try to use some of the methods described above. Dont worry about the Diamond Factory guys... I'm not even done with it and it will only take about 20 minutes to tear it down and about the same time to build it again (after I find another blaze spawner)

    I really dont want to have to mess with people's stuff and hope that the newly generated chunks will have the new features in it. We can even have a nice community project of making a portal system to the New World, that sounds fun!

    But if things dont go as planned... I would like the PLAYERS to be responsible for safeguarding their things from a potential Overworld reset (enderchest, nether, etc.). This could be accomplished over a period of 3 days so that everyone has the oportunity to get their stuff out. I know this might be a long proccess, but I know you dont want WorldEdit to mess with your builds

    Have fun y'all! LATERZ!


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    I think Dom's idea is the best one yet but then again moving all our stuff to the nether... ill be fine with that too either way i just dont want to lose all my stuff

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    to be honest i don't care what happens to my stuff this has just been a learning curve for me ( often learning not to open doors with lasers in hand ...and connecting high voltage to low voltage stuff {death count 7 to date lol } ) but i do worry about the others so what ever you deside on im fine wwith that ...and just one suggestion that Dom made i think should use the mindcrack pack for the new run ...sounds like good idea to me but what ever happens i will be starting from scratch
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    I was looking on the FTB forums today and I found this:

    The future of Feed The Beast

    I think we should move to the MindCrack Pack on the FTB server. This may mean that we need to start a new map. We will see tho. J has already seen the article and will start the process when he can. I don't see an immediate rush for it tho, especially if we need to start over.

    What are your thoughts? Should we just start over anyways? Or should we try to keep the current map and generate new chunks? Should we do the Nether idea?

    (I personally would not mind starting over again, but its up to you guys)


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    I think we should start again but use the Direwolf20 pack, or if we do use the Mindcrack pack turn hard mode off. I don't mind gregtech but I think it just makes industrialcraft not industrialcraft.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaunchedLemon View Post
    I think we should start again but use the Direwolf20 pack, or if we do use the Mindcrack pack turn hard mode off. I don't mind gregtech but I think it just makes industrialcraft not industrialcraft.
    I completely disagree. I like the difficulty of GreggTech and the configs are perfect for the other mods in my opinion.

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