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    Article: Merry Christmas! + Christmas Present Hunt.

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    Recording this!

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    Haha, I saw your video this morning. Didn't think you'd find yours as quickly as you did!

    You found 5 other chests too, which is awesome, but you walked straight past the rest of them. XD

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    Thanks for the happy surprise

    So far I've found KingLC's and Demman's chests. Haven't found mine yet though :B

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    Thats great, pernix! I'll check it out later!

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    Found another couple of chests: Mike's, RJ's and Ligemyster's.

    And just before I got really desperate, I found mine

    It was right under Zelphor's, good hiding spot

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    Well Done! :P

    Only two chests are left to found. (I think.) Ryan's and Wells101uk's.

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