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    Getting HI-Res on dynmap

    I am wondering if you can help me out. I have installed Dynmap so I can view some of my worlds and such.

    I can't seem to find were the line is to change the low-res to hires for surface/cave view.

    First lines of Config.txt

    # All paths in this configuration file are relative to Dynmap's data-folder: minecraft_server/plugins/dynmap/

    # All map templates are defined in the templates directory
    # The 'classic' FlatMap and KzedMap templates are used, which can be found in normal.txt, nether.txt, and skylands.txt
    # To use these, do not set deftemplatesuffix (make sure deftemplatesuffix is commented, below)
    # To use the HDMap very-low-res map templates as world defaults (normal-vlowres, nether-vlowres and skylands-vlowres), set value to vlowres
    # The definitions of these templates are in normal-vlowres.txt, nether-vlowres.txt, and skylands-vlowres.txt
    # To use the HDMap low-res map templates as world defaults (normal-lowres, nether-lowres and skylands-lowres), set value to lowres
    # The definitions of these templates are in normal-lowres.txt, nether-lowres.txt, and skylands-lowres.txt
    # To use the HDMap hi-res map templates (these can take a VERY long time for initial fullrender), set value to hires
    # The definitions of these templates are in normal-hires.txt, nether-hires.txt, and skylands-hires.txt
    deftemplatesuffix: vlowres ,<------ Do I change this to "hires".

    or do I have to go somewere in the template files ?

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    Yes, that's it exactly.

    Change: deftemplatesuffix: vlowres
    into: deftemplatesuffix: hires

    ...and that's all there is to it

    Of course you'll have to restart your plugins/server. And you may want to do a /dynmap fullrender afterwards.

    Keep in mind that doing the hires maps takes a lot more recources. And I mean a lot. Sure it may not lag 1 Minecraft server, since it's offloaded from the main Minecraft thread. Simply put this means that your Minecraft(bukkit) server will run on one CPU core, and that Dynmap will run on another. So if you have at least 2 CPU cores available, Dynmap will not lag your server.

    To compare the lowres and hires on your server, why don't you do a /dynmap radiusrender 100 right now and see how long that takes. Then change it to the hires maps, and do /dynmap radiusrender 100 again. That will give you an idea of how much CPU time is needed for rendering a few tiles.

    As for disk space and bandwidth. I hope the following numbers or our servers will give you an idea of how large these things become. These are just the directory sizes of the dynmap/web/tiles directories. Not counting other files like world and player data.

    • Prison: 2.873 GB
    • SkyBlock: 1.388 GB
    • Small World: 0.932 GB
    • Feed The Beast: 5.436 GB
    • Tekkit: 11.439 GB

    This may not seem like a lot. But keep in mind that people are downloading a lot of tiles all the time and that these tiles will not be cached. This means your server needs to have enough bandwidth available.

    The past 7 days all the HappyDiggers Minecraft servers combined have uploaded 33.6GB of traffic just for Dynmap alone. And another 15.1GB of traffic for all the other Minecraft server stuff. On the other hand they have only received 1.8GB and 1.5GB respectively. So that's 52.1GB of traffic for the past 7 days.

    If you have the recources available to run the hires maps, go for it. They look awesome!

    Why don't you post a link to your Dynmap when you got everything up and running? I'd love to see what you're up to

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    Thanks J. I got it to hires. It took about 17 times longer to render than vlowres but no lag what-so-ever. I didn't do the radius scan becouse i already started rendering.

    I use beastnode as a server but have the 534 mb package 12peeps. 5gb disk space and using 2.67 at the moment. The most people on are about three so I'll ride it out till I get a notice from beast node if i'm over using bandwidth.

    I currently have our small world running for the remainder of the month then will be switching BI-monthly from the small to our large 1.5-current server. The large world is about 84mb so I may run into problems with hi-res on that one.

    This is the link to my dynmap

    Is there a way to make that a www. link because it seems interactive links don't work in MC chat with out a www. infront of it.

    Anyways thanks alot for the help and input and ill see ya laterz.

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    Awesome! That map is looking pretty good

    You may also want to consider setting the following:
    defaultzoom: 5
    defaultmap: surface
    sidebaropened: true

    If you own a domain name you could simply get an alias for it like we do with the HappyDiggers servers. Alternatively if you're serious about hosting a server of your own, you could make it part of this community. Simply put you'd remain server owner like you are today. But you can get help (moderators) on your server if you'd like. This is pretty useful since they keep the peace so us server owners can do other things like keeping the server running, setting up plugins, etc. I can make an alias for your server like: <servername> and we could put your server information up on the website to help it get more exposure.

    Let me know what you think.

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    Hey J I talked it over with my two buddies and It sounds like a good Idea. My email is roadieratonga @ if ya wanna go over the details via email.

    I'm upgrading to a larger data package on beastnode due to the plugins and so forth. I put in world boarder and will be adding lokkett and world guard probably tomorrow.

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    This somehow slipped past me. I'll get in touch soon

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