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    Hello from an old friend

    Well, Its been awhile. To be entirely honest its been months since I last spoke to any of you and I miss my random discussions with Mocking the most... I'm not sure how many of the old players still play on this servers but to those who do, Hello. As I have just discovered you have shut down the towny server and whitelisted about every other server while I was gone.... The main reason I was gone was because my old comp broke so I was hoping to get whitelisted for one so I could play again and to any of my old friends say hello!!  40
    I was gonna fix it....

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    Welcome back

    I've added you to the Small World server's whitelist so you can get reacquainted. We try to add a new member to the Vanilla and FTB server's whitelist each month. So who knows, if enough people remember and like you it might just happen

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