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Thread: Been a while!

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    Smile Been a while!

    Hello! I've been gone for a while since the towny server shut down. I kinda miss getting on DOM's servers so I got back on the forum. I noticed that DOM added a few more servers and, according to a post I saw, whitelisted all of them or something. So I would just like a brief walkthrough of the new servers and a recommendation of which server I should use. (and also would like a whitelist for that server) Thanks!

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    Hi Altur, welcome back!

    We shut down the Towny server because people weren't donating any longer. I've set up a couple of other servers since you've been away. You can apply for the Small World server whitelist at any time. We are currently accepting everyone there

    Is your in game name Alturia10? It's been a while so I'm not sure :B If it is, I've already added you to the Small World server's whitelist.

    We made the Small World server as a proving ground for players. It's a near-Vanilla server experience, so we could see if they're nice to play with, if they get along with the rest of the community, if they don't steal and grief. Yes, players are allowed to steal any blocks that can be locked with a sign (Lockette), but they are not allowed to grief anything beyond that.

    You should also check out our public Prison and Sky Block servers, I think they're kinda nice

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