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    Craving a good old server

    You know Sky block, Prison, and FTB servers are fun, but where is the originality? I've been a fan of all of your server's for awhile now and was a HUGE fan of Towny, but now since you've gotten rid of Towny I often want to play faction servers with pvp that allow me to play Faction's by far my favorite plugin (also with mcmmo because I enjoy it). I was hoping any of the other lovers of factions with or without pvp may help me try to get us one. I hope you take my request into consideration because I truly love your servers and your members.  40
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    Quote Originally Posted by TombRaider271 View Post
    now since you've gotten rid of Towny
    We did not "get rid" of Towny. The Towny server was being paid for by donations. People stopped donating, so the money dried up and we simply could not afford to keep Towny running unless we would pay for it ourselves.

    I've discussed setting up another Towny server hosted on my hardware with DOM. His reaction was: NO!
    Simply because it's very much work to maintain a Towny server the way we had it set up, and the gains we get from the community are slim at best. Everybody likes the server, but only a handful were willing to donate. Those generous donations kept that server running for about 10 months. Just to give you an idea. A server like that costs $30 per month.

    Also noteworthy: 1 in 5 players on the Towny server got banned for grief/pvp/theft/bad language/etc. It's really no fun for us moderators to have to ban so many people just to keep the server playable for others.

    As for your request, I've made Factions available already After you gain your freedom on the Prison server, you get to use factions. If you look on it's dynmap you can see a few small factions already. Outside of prison there are very little rules, so you can go nuts with Factions if you like.

    Mcmmo is a lot of work to set up and maintain. It also requires client side modding if you want to take full advantage of it. Maybe I'll think about it if you can get a decent amount of people to back your request.

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