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    Anti x ray plugin

    Me and a few friends have noticed that the anti x ray plugin is lagging the server (Break a block and it re appears and this happens several times to one block). This is very annoying. So I was wondering if there is any other anti x ray plugin that does not block lag the server that you could use?
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    If you think the server is lagging, type /lm
    That will show you the TPS and how much memory is available. If TPS drops below 20 the server will start to lag. If it's 20 and there is still memory available then it's not the server that's lagging, it's you.

    The server is hosted in the Netherlands. Depending on where you are on the earth, your latency to the server may cause you to lag. The end result might be the same, but I can only fix things if the server is lagging.

    There is good news for HPB's however. We've changed to Spigot instead of Bukkit a while ago. And they are building an anti x-ray right into the server. This means we will no longer need a plugin that does ore obfuscation like we do now. And that is good because it means it can be done faster which might help you if your connection to the server is less than optimal.

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