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    Community projects

    A couple of ideas have been floating around for cummunity projects on the FTB server. I'd like to grab all those ideas and put them in this thread so people can discuss and add to them.

    Here are a few ideas:
    • Endermen farm. This needs very little explanation I think. Miles wanted to build one, I'll try to not get in the way too much help
    • Server wide power grid powered by J's factory. Dom had the idea of spreading fusion reactors across the map and feeding then with deuterium and tritium from the factory with ender chests.
    • Server wide teleport grid powered by J's factory. Adds to the project above since this requires insane amounts of EU.

    Feel free to discuss these ideas and to add more

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    Why do my ideas always cause more work? xD

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    Such is the burden of brilliance :B

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    lol ...lots and lots of hard work ahead then ...see i was thinking of bringing a power grid to the server spawn ...and spreading out from there but we need a time when convenient to record for all of us that gets involved going to be making safe the spawn portal later today ( in couple of hours that is ) would like some help/input if possible i will be recording my progress ...its nothing fancy but have few ideas floating around in my head ...and wont be cheating lol
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    UPDATE ... A few may have noticed I started on the nether portal hub( sorry no pics or vids explain later in this post ) ...layer 1 Is just about finished but do have a few things I want to change as in second maybe third layer and even a engine/workshop room or shop area just any ideas that you think of come discus them and let's see what we can all come up with

    on another note seem's that I won't be online this week as pc down again think motherboard gone down (hopefully nothing else iv had enough bad luck lol ) and due to cash flow Problems at mo going to be at least 2 weeks before back on so will be just doing this forum and the twitter and Facebook pages so any-input on them would be nice . things like pics links to vids ...maybe even news or just comments mail them to me and I will do my best to get them up ( assuming iPad lets me ) so come on send me your messages pics and vids or links and lets get happydiggers promoted and more well known around the net
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