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    Small World eBay

    Hey guys, talon here, and I was thinking wouldn't it be cool to have a Minecraft eBay? Well, now we do! Post the requests for items, and what you will trade for them. Other peeps will say if they will make the trade. So, I need 34 iron and a stack of redstone I will trade, 5 stacks of cobble and 2 stacks of stone bricks. I also need like 30 budder ingots, I will give 2 stacks of birch logs, 4 obsidian, and 5 stacks of cobble.

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    Glad to see how popular this thread is. Anyway, how do I delete it??

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    do you really want it deleting ...some threads work some dont ....but will delete it if need be
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    Well you see, no body seems to care. So, I don't see why I shouldn't delete this thread. The only problem? I have no idea how.

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    Just leave the thread for now, there's no reason to delete it.

    I think you had a nice idea, but in practice people ask others on the server if they need anything. Also a lot of the players that are on the whitelist have only visited the forum to sign up never to be heard from again.

    But don't give up on posting ideas. You'll never know what catches on

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    OK thx for da advice

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    I would be willing to use this forum to do some trading once I get my stock up. I have just barely gotten started however.

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    I has quite a bit of supplies, (mostly cobbble.) I can give u some advice.

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