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    Article: InsaneJ at HappyDiggers FTB episode 3 - Fusion Reactors

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    I checked out the progress yesterday, EPIC!!

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    I recorded the build of the matter fabricators. Afterwards when I wanted to edit the movie, I noticed I had Minecraft's audio way up to 100% so it was way too loud. Guess I'll just have to re-record it later. I'll just leave the reactors in and re-do the part with the matter fabricator and explain how I did things. It shouldn't take much longer then the time needed to actually record.

    I'm currently working on replacing all my pipes with color coded ender chests and teleporters. They seem to cause less lag. Although having a ton of turning machines can be a big hit on frame rates as miles has discovered yesterday

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    You also are using up all of the enderchests on the server...

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    You can color code ender chests by applying dye to the top 3 buttons of the chest. Chests with the same color link up as normal ender chests would and only show the contents of the chests with the same color. There are 15 dyes or something like that, so that's 15^3=3375 possible sets of ender chests.

    I think I need to expand my factory some more before I use up all of the ender chests

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    I was just screwing with you man.

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